Best Apps to Ensure Your iPhone is Secure

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Owning a smartphone in today’s world is not considered a luxury anymore. And even though you choose to own an iPhone because of the quality, and the security the iOS operating system offers, your smartphone is still not 100% secure if you choose to ignore the threats to your data security. 

As an iPhone user, you should be concerned about the security of your data and prevent any form of attacks on your sensitive data. 

This article would show you common security threats you face as an iPhone user and also, some awesome tips to protect your iPhone in a better way and secure your data. Let’s begin!

Common Security threats iPhone Users Face

The most common security threats that iPhone users face:

  • Hacking: Hackers have found ways to create apps that require you to grant permission access to them. Once you grant access to these apps, hackers can then secretly take pictures, steal your videos, and use your camera to spy on you.
  • Malware: This is also a common security risk. It occurs when users download third-party apps that are not listed on the Apple AppStore. These apps have high vulnerabilities that can do a lot of damage to your iPhone if used actively.
  • Device Theft: Losing your phone might not be a new thing. When this occurs, your data, contacts, messages and so much more are at the mercy of the thief. They can decide to blackmail you with your sensitive data or even expose them on the internet.

Secure Your iPhone with These Apps

Below are a few security apps that you can use to better secure your iPhone. They include:

  • Knock 2.0: Knock is an amazing security manager application that authorizes you to lock your iPhone no matter the location, or how far your device is from you. It’s easy to use and you can unlock your device simply by simply tapping the screen. This secures your device better in the case of theft.
  • ExpressVPN: A VPN for iPhone is one of the best ways to increase the protection of your device. Trustworthy  VPN apps would never sell your data to third-party companies. It protects your iPhone by encrypting all the traffic going through your device, This is especially important when you are connected to insecure public Wi-Fi. 
  • KeyReel: This application best works as a password and login manager. KeyReel takes off the rigid task of storing passwords from you and allows you to automatically log into a trusted computer.

This protects heavily against malware that might be encountered when your iPhone connects to any random computer. KeyReel has military-grade AES encryption and encrypted storage.

  • Prey Anti-Theft: This is a powerful application that best protects against theft risks. Compatible with iOS 4.3 or later, Prey Anti-Theft has a remote control, alert. 


The urge to not think too much about the security of your iPhone might be great because Apple promises a good security infrastructure but it lies with you to take extra efforts in better securing your device against external security threats and risks using these applications.

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