Apple TV 3: Home sharing issue with Yosemite & iTunes, fix

Lot of Apple TV users reported about this issue. Home sharing from Apple TV 3 (software 7.0) not working with Mac OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12.
Airplay is still working. But its hard to choose Movies, TV shows or songs from MacBook Pro and then Airplay it to the Apple TV. Home sharing option was working perfectly before iTunes 12.
If Apple TV users try to view a library, they get an error message like “Could not connect to “users Library”.
Devices: Mac Mini mid 2011, MacBook Pro (Mid 2012), Mid 2013 MacBook Air, ATV 3rd generation (A1469), ATV 2
could not connect to MacBook Pro library
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Solution 1:-
On you MacBook Pro, go to System Preferences.
Select sharing and change the computer name.
Then your library will appear on your ATV.
Solution 2:-
Enable home sharing via iTunes File menu  (not via iTunes preferences)
In iTunes, go to File -> Home Sharing -> Turn on Home sharing.
If you enable this option your computer’s iTunes library might popup in ATV 3.
Solution 3:-
Turn off Home sharing feature in both devices (Apple TV & Mac).
Change the name of your iTunes library.
Then restart Home sharing on both devices.
Solution 4:-
On your Apple TV, go to Settings -> Computers -> Turn off Home sharing.
Conform that.
Now Turn on home sharing.
use your existing Apple ID and password.
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If you have any other problem with home sharing, do let us via comment.

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I've tried all 4 and none have worked. Upgraded Mid 2010 iMac from Snow Leopard to Yosemite. APTV worked fine before upgrade. Both APTV and iTunes are updated. APTV is on wired lan

Solution 2 worked, I never knew Turning on Sharing in Preferences does nothing at all. I assume it used to work. I have used Sharing since the beginning and only recently have I had a problem. I feel like an idiot because the solution was so simple. When I got my first iPod no iTunes store existed. Before that I even had an Apple Newton.

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