AirPods Max Wired Mode not working (Here’s the fix)

AirPods Max Wired Connection Not Working

The AirPods Max is a perfect headphone for music lovers, video and audio editors, etc. You can use Bluetooth or a wired connection to connect it to your iPhone or any other device. However, some users have reported that AirPods Max wired mode not working. Therefore it works with Bluetooth. But it doesn't work with AirPods Max Wired. So, let's see how to solve this problem.

Use Apple 3.5mm Audio cable:Apple 3.5 mm audio cable

Try Apple's original 3.5mm Audio cable for Airpods Max. Because using any ordinary (non-supported) cables may also cause this problem. Buy Apple's lightning to 3.5 mm Audio cable for a secure and immersive experience.

Try the best Third-Party cable for AirPods Max:

third party cables for AirPods Max

For your AirPods Max, you can also use third-party lightning to the audio cable. You'll need an Apple MFi Certified cable for this. There have been several AirPods Max cables available. Here I’ll list out some of the best cables compatible with AirPods Max.

I mentioned all of Apple's MFi-certified cables above. So you can buy it based on your preferences.

Contact Apple Support Team:

Finally, there is no other option unless we have to contact Apple Support and the Service center. And report your problem with AirPods Max. If it's a hardware problem, they might be able to fix it right away. Otherwise, if it's a software issue, we'll have to wait until Apple releases new updates.

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Final verdict: 

That's all for now, guys. These are the quick fixes for AirPods Max wired mode not working. I'll update this post if I come across another working solution or a new update on this issue. So you should bookmark this page for future reference. Thank you for your continued support of

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