How to share files between a Mac and iOS using AirDrop

AirDrop was first introduced in OS X Lion, as an easy way share files between two computers without using any email or USB drive. AirDrop was also available for iOS (from iOS 7). But not compatible with OS X.
Now you can use AirDrop from OS X Yosemite to share files between all Apple devices.

  • iOS 7 or later and OS X Yosemite.
  • AirDrop works with all MacBook from 2012 or later.  If you want check your mac is compatible with airdrop or not, Go to Finder and select Go from menu bar.   If you see, AirDrop listed then your Mac is compatible with AirDrop.
  • iPhone 6 or newer, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini 1 and 5th generation iPod Touch
  • Using same iCloud on each devices is not necessary. But if they have same iCloud account, then you don’t need to approve each file transfer. The devices need to around 30 meters to use Bluetooth.
  • If the devices is locked, they won’t appear in list . So AirDrop won’t work.
  • Open Finder and select Preferences in menu bar. Select Sidebar icon and make sure AirDrop is checked.

Finder AirDrop
How to use Airdrop to send file from your iOS device to Mac
Step 1: First enable WiFi on your iPhone or iPad and Mac.
Note: They don’t need to be on same WiFi network.
Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on both iOS device and Mac. Just open control center and tap Bluetooth icon.
Step 3: In your iOS device, swiping up to open control center and tap AirDrop icon to enable AirDrop. It shows a popup with several options like Everyone, Contacts only and off. Choose your option (Everyone or contacts).
ios and yosemite airdrop
Also check your iOS device appears in the Finder on Mac. Launch Finder and select AirDrop from the sidebar.
The list of available devices with in range should appear in window.
Step 4:-
In your iOS device, find the file (like document or image) which you want to send to your Mac. Build-in iOS apps like Pages have sharing button to send using AirDrop.
AirDrop share on iOS
In this case, i selected a photo. Tap share button and your MacBook Pro then appear beneath the photo.
Now tap your Mac to start sending file. You will get a notification about file sharing on your Mac (right of the screen).
If you are signed  into the same iCloud account, you don’t need to approve file transfer. The files are automatically saved in Downloads folder.
How to use Airdrop to send file from your Mac to iOS device
If you want to send file from your Mac to iOS, just select a file and drag and drop it onto the AirDrop window in Finder or Choose AirDrop from share menu from application.

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