Activate & Use Reachability on iPhone X

Many have the doubt on how to activate reachability in iPhone X? This feature hasn’t activated in iPhone X normally, so you have to enable it manually. Also, this new phone is bit taller and there is no home button too. It is hard to search features always, especially for one hand users. But this feature, rectify your time. To experience the iPhone X, just enable the reachability.
So in this article, we are going to discuss how to find reachability in iPhone X.
To know
Reachability feature is only available on iOS 11.1 for iPhone X. So you have to install iOS 11.1 or later version to get Reachability feature.
To enable Reachability
reachability iphone x
Launch Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> then activate the Reachability by turning on the toggle straight to it.
Use of Reachability
 As we discussed above iPhone X doesn’t have the home button. So it helps to use the mobile in one hand. By enabling this feature you can get all the Utility features by flipping down the Home indicator with your thumb. You can get all the Utilities within a second. Also no need to go for each feature separately.
How to use

  • Just swipe down the Home indicator with your finger to activate Reachability.
  • You can witness the blank screen for the half of your phone.
  • By swiping from the left side or center of the blank screen you can get to see the Notification center.
  • To witness Control center, just swipe the blank screen from the right of the screen.
  • To close the Utility screen, slightly flip up or just tap at the beginning edge of the blank screen.

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