5 Best iBooks alternative for iPad, iPhone

Most of the people love to read books and they spend money on buying and collecting books. sometimes…

Most of the people love to read books and they spend money on buying and collecting books. sometimes you like to have some books but that book will not available in the market likewise many problems in buying books. Here I have an idea that is iBooks app. In iBooks there is an alternative app there are several best and interesting iBooks are available. This iBooks app useful to college students, professions, authors, writers, and book reading lovers.
1.Amazon Kindle(FREE)amazon-kindle

Amazon Kindle app contains more than a million titles are available in the Kindle store. This app can be purchased with the help of Amazon account, here we can purchase ebooks and open throw the app. If we need to open a file without installing kindle app there is an option like Dropbox to “open” the file on the Kindle app. A special advantage to use this app is we can download books without internet connectivity. In this we can get latest updates like trending books, a user’s interesting books, and news updates.other important features are X-Ray, Page Flip, Print Replica, Whispersync, Flashcard and so on. Nowadays a trending thing is Sharing and updating on Facebook or Twitter by using this app. You can highlight the text and share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also add notes and save the notes in the list which can be viewed and accessed in the book information page.
2.Wattpad (FREE)wattpad
Wattpad app is a fabulous entertained and inspired ebook reader app for iPhone and also work in apple watch too. This app is especially useful for authors here you can publish your own books and you can maintain your article by your library and start sharing your masterpieces. There are multiple features are there.
You can give comments based on your read story and others comment also visible. By this comments, you can know the review.  In wattpad multimedia stories are also available. In multimedia stories, you can see images, GIFs and videos related to a story are also present in wattpad. Offline reading also here.
3.Google Play Books(FREE)google-book
Google play books contains 4 millions of books. In  this text will be highlighting a built-in dictionary and map search are the feature. Here PDF files are also available to use google play book. You  required a google account. Here we have jocks, comics, history, health, cooking, business and technology books within the single app. You can store any page in your library for offline read. Compare  to other app google play book have an additional feature while we reading in night time automatically pace keeps easy for eyes in the dark.

Kobo is a popular on canada and france. In this app contains 5 million books. While comparing other app an addition advantage that is we can purchase a book from an online store. Here PDF,CBZ,CBR,epub formats will be used. This is a social side app so you can share some achievement and milestones. It will be seen by friends. Kobo provide night mode option too. In  your library, you can see your recently read books and author.


GoodReader in this app their are number of ebooks useful for students, professionals, office, business man and so on. Sound ebooks in PDF file works with apple iPad. Due to this PDF file this app named as “PDF engine”. Here we can sign your own document and draw a picture with a finger or using the style. Here we can maintain in large number of files, copy, move, rename,zip and unzip . In this app, we can get more advanced PDF reading and editing which are not built-in iBook app. You can view by MS Office, TXT, HTML.

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