4 Best External DVD Drives for Mac with USB Port

4 Best External DVD Drives for Mac with USB Port

When we need a document to be used for future use and if it is an important document, that we do not want to lose its data to any technical problems, we should make a copy of it on DVD. In many cases, we have the inbuild DVD reader com writer. In some cases, there may be a lack of DVD writers or there may be a case without a DVD reader and writer. The solution is an external DVD drives for Mac with a USB port. 

Samsung ultra-thin drive for Mac/Pc ($61.79)
samsung ultra thin drive

The best product from Samsung company. An external DVD drive with a USB port for MAC users. The design of the product is very unique with its ultra-thin modern look. It comes in many colors and the product also has remarkable technical specifications. There is an eject control button and LED indicator at the top. It is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible. The width is 14mm and has speed data buffer technology. There is no matter of setup to being installed just we can connect and use.

Crewoow External DVD drive ($16.99)
Crewoon DVD drive for Mac

Crewoow External DVD drive comes with a USB 3.0 port. The device is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Compatible with all Mac OS X and Windows OS devices. It’s very slim and lightweight, so we can carry it with our laptop bag. 

Rioddas CD/DVD drive ($18.69) 
official Apple external dvd drive

Rioddas external drive is compatible with its Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro connected with a single USB cable. The size is very compact with a slide bigger than a cd cover, we can carry their transfer, and handle them very easily. The CD and DVD writing speed range is 24X and 8x super technology. We can use the drive for both read and write operations.

LG External DVD drive($29.99)
LG CD DVD writer

The external drive from LG company is compatible with both Mac and Windows 7,8, and 10. The cost of it is comparably low. We do not want to synchronize the setup to be installed. Just connect it and use it. We can even connect it to our television is the specialty of the product.


That’s it, guys. These are the best external DVD drives for Mac. If you know of any other product rather than this, then let me know through the comment section below. Thank you and keep supporting iphonetopics.com.

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