Quick Tip : Use iPhone and Siri as a Tip Calculator

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use Siri as a iPhone tip calcualtor

You don’t need to download another tip calculator app for iPhone. You can use your own iPhone with Siri to calculate tips for the restaurant bill. So next time use Siri o your iPhone to calculate an appropriate tip according to the hotel bill.

Pose the question to Siri like a simple math problem.

  • What is the (tip percentage) of (total hotel bill)?
  • What is 20% of $102.55?

You can also provide Siri app the literal math and get the same result, entering an equation like “20% times 70″. It will report back with the right calculation you can find right tip under “Result”.

You can use this same method in your iPad or iPod Touch using the Siri app to calculate server tips. Also try Tip Calculator Free – free iOS app.

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