How to fix : [NAND] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout…. Error

Some iPhone users suddenly received the following error messages on their iPhone.

 "[NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1"

iPhone was unresponsive when user press Home button or lock button. Restoring iPhone using iTunes not fix this problem. Phone was showing this error when try to turn on.

Reason for the problem:-

  1. Proximity Senor of front face camera is damaged
  2. Front facing camera flex cable is damaged  or connector partially seated
  3. Compass/Accelerometer IC is damaged or failed.

iPhone logic board IC

Solution 1:- (Do not try this if you don’t know what you are doing)

  1. Disconnect your iPhone proximity/camera flex cable while leaving the screen connected and try to restore.
  2. Finally change the proximity/camera flex with a new one (it is your choice).

Lot of users reported this solution solved their issue.

Solution 2: Go to local Apple store

Your iPhone main logic board might failed. Take your iPhone to local Apple store.

If you knew any other solutions to solve “iPhone [NAND] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout…. Error” inform us via comment.

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