How to fix iPhone Keeps Searching Network Problem

Lot of users reported iPhone suddenly started searching network. It still kept searching for network instead of saying no sim after removing the SIM card. iPhone dose not provide chance to choose the network. But phone works in WiFi environment.

So iPhone users can’t receive or make calls.

Solution 1 : Put iPhone into Recovery mode

  1. On your Mac or Windows, launch iTunes.
  2. Connect USB cable to the computer, NOT to your iPhone yet.
  3. Turn off your iOS device.
  4. Press the Home button and hold it.
  5. Now connect the USB cable to iPhone. Release the home button when you can see a iTunes logo on  iPhone.
  6. Do a recovery via iTunes. 

If this method doesn’t work the 1st time, try again.

Solution 2 : Reset the network settings

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings.

Solution 3 : Check & change the date

Sometime your iPhone date is changed. So check and change the correct date.

  1. Go to Settings > General- >Date & Time. If set to ‘Set automatically’ Swipe it left. So it allows you to  change the date manually.
  2. Choose the correct date. Swipe ‘Set Automatically’ option after you correct the date.
  3.  Now reset  the iPhone via Settings. Settings -> General -> Reset.

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Other fixes:-

  • Go to Settings -> Phone > SIM PIN. If it is on, turn it off.

If you knew any other solutions to fix iPhone Keeps Searching Network Problem, inform us via comment.

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