How To Fix iPad 2 No Service Issue After iOS 8 Update

Lot of iPad 2 users suffered after update their iPad 2 from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8. iOS 8 update causes no cellular connection problem in iPad 2. The iPad 2 3G  with AT&T says “No Service”.

When we go to Settings-> about, it says “Network Not Available” and “Cellular Data Number Unknown.” iPad 2 loose the 3G service when it is connected to WiFi or try to get WiFi.

These are temporary solutions. Many people said iOS 8.1 have a fix for this problem. Also read  Fix : No Service and Touch ID problems in iOS 8.0.1.

Solution 1:-

Go to Settings –> iCloud and it automatically return 3G service.

Solution 2:-

Go to Settings -> FaceTime and turn off ‘iPhone Cellular Calls’.

Solution 3:-

Turn off Find My IPad in iCloud settings

Solution 4:-

Some users believe this problem is a conflict between 3G and GPS. Turn off/on compass localization service and restart your iPad without reboot.

Click Settings icon and select Privacy in the left column.

Select Location Settings. Select apps and choose ” Remove location settings for this app”

Solution 5:-

Go settings -> iCloud -> iCloud drive and switch off use of cellular data

Solution 6:-

Shutdown your iPad and remove SIM card

Start iPad with out SIM card.

Shutdown again.

Insert SIM card in your iPad and start iPad

Solution 7:-

Hold the power and Home button at the same time to power down your iPad wait  few minutes and restarted it.  The cell signal from AT&T will came back.

Solution 8:-

Switch off location services and then Switch them back on your cellular network will back.

Solution 9:-

Restore to Factory Settings>setup as NEW iPad and this worked.

Solution 10:-

If you already have iPad backup follow this method or Take a backup using iTunes.

Disconnect iPad from computer.  On iPad go to  Settings>General>Reset>erase all content and settings

Reconnect iPad  to your computer when iPad restarts and restore it from back-up.

Solution 11:-

Download and install iOS 8.1 beta.

If you find any other solution for this issue, do let us via comment.

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17 responses to How To Fix iPad 2 No Service Issue After iOS 8 Update

nov.30 I installed the update 8.1.1 in my iphone5 and now I'm having the same problem no ringtone and no service… december 2 i update again to 8.1.2 now just keeps saying 'Searching…'no service" … no ringtones also..pls help me to fix this problem….tnx a lot..God bless…

hi George, good still not fix some old issues,my iphone is no service and no ringtone..i update again now to 8.1.3 now just keeps saying again and again 'Searching…'no service"

I have the same issue – constantly searching for service, and now can only use wifi for apps, data will not work for messaging. ATT has replaced many simm cards and now say they think my phone is a lemon. I have ordered a replacement phone, but have a feeling the phone isn't the issue. Have you found a solution?

been to see the Apple genius, AT&T installed new sim card tried everything above and still no service. Seems like an AT&T problem.

i have the same problem – at first no service and could not connect to wi-if now still saying no service after re-setting bug I can now connect to wi-if – puzzling!

Yes, I did the latest update on my ipad2 this past Saturday morning. Now I have no 3G service, through AT&T. Have you found a solution ?

Still no fix from Apple As at mid June 2016!
I have not tried a reset and restore. Can anyone who has done that let me know if its a permanent fix?

My workaround that works for my iPad is to remove the SIM card while the iPad is still powered on and then put the SIM back in. 3G connection is then restored until the next time. Seems to lose the connection if iPad is rebooted for any reason.

This is on the current IOS version.

This did not help me my Ipad2 is not with AT&T it's just a regular IPad2 connect with WiFi. Now that I did this update I have not been able to get wifi. I have restored my Ipad as new and with backup both ways and I can't get past the choose a WiFi but does not recognize any wifi service mine or my neighbors. It will not load it manually. I have no sim card. I can't even just use it without wifi. Is there a website to go to download the old version of ios before it wiped out the wifi?

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