Problems After Updating to iOS 8.1.3?

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Apple released iOS 8.1.3 update in 27th January 2015. This iOS update add some support and bug fixes like prevent users from entering Apple ID and password for Facetime and Messages, prevent multitasking gestures from working on the Apple iPad and reduce the amount of storage needed to perform the update.

iPhone and iPad users had reported lot of issues with iOS 8.1.2, including battery drain issue, cannot receive updates on FaceBook, WiFi problem, no message notification sound, can’t delete apps and unable to receive messages.

iOS 8.1.3

Now some iOS users reported some issues based on new iOS 8.1.3 update in Apple support communities. They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like iOS calender GMT issue, battery drain problem didn’t solved in iOS 8.1.3 and WiFi issue.

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So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.1.3 update, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.1.3 issues and inform you via comment.

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Since upgrading had nothing but trouble trying to log onto Facebook. Keeps coming up with 'sorry, unexpected problem occurred'.

Since installing IOS 8.1.3 I am unable to send or receive my emails from my BT account. I have tried resetting my network settings and reinstalling the email account but nothing works. Please can any one help or have any suggestions?

Just downloaded IOS 8.1.3 and lost all my emails and cannot send and/or receive emails. What the hell is going on here?! Apple get your act together! NO, I'm not going to buy a new phone!

After upgrading my 5s to 8.1.3 I cannot update any app anymore nor can I download any app from the appstore. Updates via iTunes works, but the AppStore app does not realize that the updates are already applied – still wants to upgrade … but cannot.
Tried quite some things … nothing helps …

my device updated itself and I didn't realize, now, I cannot get any emails, and I had to go and change my password for Yahoo mail on the computer it was like I was hacked. Now it is not letting me log back in on the computer again. Can you delete the update, I was running on the IOS 7 still and didn't want to update and didn't know it updated. This sucks.

I just update my IPAD to IOS 8.1.3 and it is the worst yet. Cannot get onto Facebook, Some site just will not load. Running very slowly. Why does the software updates just keep worse. Please can we get this fixed sometime soon. I use the IPAD for work.

since installing iOS 8.1.3 on my phone Ive had to reinstall BT mail twice and still can't send emails from my phone tho can receive them now – very odd and disappointing apple! can you advise on a solution?

Just updated my iPad to the new iOS 8.1.3. Had to download new versions of apps (eg Facebook) to make them work. ALso having trouble with browsers (Safari and Chrome) crashing on image heavy/Javascript web page. Not happy at all.

I used to be able to select several iMessages from within a given conversation on my iPhone and delte only the selected ones. I could also forward messages by selecting "more" if I held one of the iMessages. With 8.1.3, I can no longer delete selected messages and I only get a "delete all" option. Also, there does not seem to be an ability to forward a message. The problem seems to lie in the fact that the new message bar on the bottom does not hide itself or gets replaced by a "delete selected" option or a trashcan anymore.

Since updating to iOS 8.1.3 my battery life has gotten worse. I was able to get through a day and a half with 8.1.2 now I can't get through half a day without having to charge the phone. Any suggestions please let me know please.

Won't connect to wifi tried resetting network turning of my phone turning off and then on wifi just started and I just got the 8.1.3 won't stop asking fowler the password and I put in the internet password in right every time refuses to connect to it and It is only my phone I am the only one in the house with the new update to so??

Since upgrading my iPad Mini (w/retina), I completely lost my yahoo email account. I've tried deleting my account and adding it back in twice, to no avail. HELP. I cannot get any mail.

Updated my wife's iPhone 4S from 7 to 8.1.3 two days ago. While she can send messages, she is still unable to receive them. This, after closing and reopening the app, switching into and out of airplane mode, resetting the network settings and doing several hard resets. I upgraded my iPhone 5s to 8.1.3 from 8.1.2, and have not seen a problem with this or elsewhere, but cannot seem to fix the issue — or find anyone else who's found a fix for it either.

This is it, my iPad 4 had to be reloaded from iTunes, after resetting to factory settings. I WILL NEVER buy another Apple product as long as I live! Fukkim…

Since upgrading to 8.1.3, cannot send emails. They go straight to Outbox and then you cannot do anything either. I have various email accounts and all are affected. Tried sending emails via iPhone without upgrade and no problem.

I upgreated my iPhone 5 to is 8.1.3 and my phone can't work with app "night olw lite" I use this app to monitor my home security camera . it's not working after upggreated.

updated my iphone 4s about two days ago and I cant receive or send messages or emails. It saying my storage is full and that my phone only has 5.4GBs of total storage capacity but this is an 8GB phone. Ive restore phone to factory settings deleted all apps media and accounts on the phone and still the same thingg is happening. Please help me ASAP!

The deal with the discrepancy between the amount of storage your phone theoretically has (such as 8 GB) and the amount that it displays (e.g. 5.4 GB) is basically the room that the iOS takes up. This discrepancy confuses a ton of people, but the phone is basically saying "this is how much room your phone has LEFT for all of your media, apps, etc., WITH the iOS installed."

For those of you similarly predisposed, here are directions for "downgrading" from iOS 8.1.3 BACK to iOS 8.1.2:

Note that these directions are time sensitive, since Apple has a bad habit of "unsigning" older iOS firmware versions at their leisure, meaning that at some point (weeks? Days?) iTunes won't let you go back to that older version.

But for now, this fix would appear to work. I'm in the process of trying it myself right now, and will report back if it is NOT successful.


Updated my IPhone 5S to 8.1.3 and sent then, after it was connected to a Bluetooth (ear piece), Siri stopped working, and touchtones stopped working. Once the Bluetooth disconnected these problems continued until I rebooted the 5S. I don't know if the same problems will exist when I connect in my car as the problems occurred when I was driving a rental and using a Motorola BT. Has anyone else experienced these problems?

8.1.3 update on iPad 2nd gen has destroyed messages. Nothing shows up – its blank. I have to reboot it then messages show up. Can't delete messages. Messages freezes – it crashes. Troubles even getting into message settings in general. Your crazy if you update to this iOS. I need to revert to older iOS which actually works.

Since upgrading my iPhone 5s to the iOS 8.1.3 operating system, some of the songs in iTunes have simply VANISHED!!! I tried unsycing my phone in iTunes and then "resyncing", but that accomplished nothing! Any suggestions? Please help!

I have downloaded 8.1.3 , now phone wont send or receive texts or imessages, I am trying to restore my phone but its trying to up date the 8.1.3 again on iTunes and comes back network error.

EUREKA!! My wife's iPhone 4S now works like a charm.

And as it turned out, I didn't need to go back to 8.1.2 after all. I simply did as someone online had suggested for a different set of issues: I backed up her phone to iTunes with the "Encrypt Backup" checkbox checked, so it would capture all her settings and passwords. When the backup completed, I did a "Restore iPhone…" In iTunes with iOS 8.1.3, using the basic instructions Apple recommends at When the core Restore part was complete, instead of selecting "Restore from Backup" straight away, I selected "Set up the Device as New". On the phone, upon turning it on I followed the prompts to login to our wifi network, choose a passcode, and log into my wife's iCloud account, thereby activating the Messages app again. I then sent the phone an iMessage from my iPhone, and voila! Her phone chimed with the new text just like old times! With the phone connected to the computer I THEN selected "Restore from Backup" in iTunes, and let the backup proceed apace. That process segued into a sync, which restored all my wife's apps, music, photos, contacts, calendar, settings, etc. I since sent her phone more test texts (successfully), and she's been getting calls, etc. since then. Nothing erased except some voice memos, which had already been saved in a prior iTunes sync. Hallelujah!

Help! Yesterday when I upgraded to IOS 8.3.1 it prompted me to "choose a passcode" so I did, but now I can't access my phone without putting in the darn passcode! How can I delete this action so I never have to use a passcode??

I have a 4s and me too. The only songs on there are the ones I purchased from iTunes. The rest of my songs are ghosted and many are just gone.

After updating to 8.1.3, my texts messages do not make a noise or vibrate when they are received. I've checked notifications and sounds. Everything is set correctly.

8.1.3 has destroyed battery left on the iPhone 6 plus. Before update I was able to get through a day with at least 40% battery life. Now I can barely make it to the end of my work day with minimal used.

Does anyone know how to record and send voice recordings? My boss was able to record voice messages and send them to me for dictation, but now that she has upgraded to 8.1.3 she seems to have lost that feature. She is no longer given the option to save and send the dictation directly from her phone. Anyone out there know how to save and send voice recordings?

Since upgrading IOS 8.1.3 I cannot transfer purchases from my Iphone 5S to my itunes. Everything is set accordingly, yet I keep getting the "cannot transfer purchases" warning on my computer. and to "Authorize this computer" yet again my "computer" is authorized.Battery life has been horrendous whereas i pretty much have to keep my phone on a charge just to make it through the day, and no i do NOT have any backgrounds apps that can cause such a significant drop in battery life so drastically.I have lost most of the sounds that apps such as FB provides, Most times I cannot connect to the WIFI in my own house and my calls do not even ring, it just says "calling….". Most of my messages wont even deliver or be received in return. What is going on?! I have had a LOT problems with these last 2 updates. My wife, who has an android, laughs at me because I have had too many little problems and yet they keep adding up. I mean, COME ON! Apple is supposed to rival android and it has done a TERRIBLE job of that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or a fix to these would be even better.

I am having the same issue. The silent/vibrate symbol won't even show up when I hit the volume down button. Very Frustrating.

I lost that feature as well! It was by far my favorite feature. I'd like to know as well how to restore that.

iphone 5 > After updating, my main camera (back) didn't record sound anymore. I tried rebooting, complete resetting, cleaning the microphone, nothing worked but the front camera doesn't have this problem.. so the only way for me to record videos with sound now is by using the front camera which is very annoying.
fix this apple!

I updated my iPhone 6 to the 8.1.3 about 8 hours ago and already have issues. I can no longer receive texts, but when i try to send them it just says "Sending…" so i'm not sure if they ever send. I tried sending a picture via text and when i tried pressing the little camera button next to the texting line it just closes messages. Also i keep getting this annoying pop up about every minute saying storage usage full or something like that which is insane. I had an iPhone 4s for a couple of years with thousands of pictures, texts, and apps and rarely ever received that notification, and my 4s and 6 are both 16GB. Last thing, when i try to go into some apps, they just close out and i have to click them a couple of times in order to go to them. My storage obviously can't be that full if i am still able to take pictures without it saying no storage like it always said on my 4s…because then it made sense with 2 years of info on it rather than about 3 months of info like my iPhone 6.

Please help!!


Since updating my 5s to 8.1.3, my battery life will not last a work day. I used to get to 50% at the end of the day. Very unhappy.

Every time I try to send an email I get a message that the password is wrong. This used to happen occasionally, but since upgrading, it happens with all outgoing mail. VERY annoying.

i have a problem in my iphone 4s after i installed the new version 8.1.3 last night my phone was all erased at once !! i cant turn it on anymore ..i need help pzz AFAP

Hi Sir/ Madam
I have an iphone 4s and i updated it's ios last week . but i can't access to my mail and when i open it , just open a white and blank page .and after many seconds it out of email. i have 2 accounts of yahoo and 1 account of gmail and i don't access to anyone.
please help me.
Best regards

I have the iPhone 6 and did the new update. I have to keep resetting my phone to get my text ring sound to work. It keeps going silent so I can't tell if I got a text. Hope this gets fixed soon 🙁

Battery Life is HORRIBLE!!! used to lose like 5 percent overnite when im sleeping. now at 30 percent if I dont charge it I go to sleep, I wake up in the morning the battery is dead! It has never happened to me before, VERY unhappy!

I have the same issue. I have restored the phone, back to factory settings and tried a clean wipe and it still doesn;t work!

Upgraded my iPad 3 to 8.1.3 and now it displays the 'connect to plug' icon and then periodically the restarting Apple logo but fails to restart and seems locked in this cycle.
I've tried button press restarts and when plugged into my MacBook Pro, iTunes fails to see it in either of these modes…
It seems totally locked and nothing i an do to get it back to life – HELP!

iPhone 6 Plus. 8.1.3 update. Siri can't hear me at all including dictation.

Microphone works for everything else though.


The infamous " Software Update – IOS 8.1.3 is now available for your iPhone" message pops up automatically after about 1.5 to 2.0 seconds after I enter my passcode. Advisory screen shows activity happening on the screen, such as emails popping in, Facebook messages posting to inbox, background activity such as audible calendar reminders continue working, I can answer a call although I cannot make one because I cannot get past the above-mentioned pop-up message. Tried every related fix recommendation I could find. Nothing works! This has rendered my 4S useless. Thanks Apple. Not happy with this garbage update at all!!!!!!!

Since upgrading to 8.3.1 my iphone 6 doesn't recognise the genuine apple cable as certified so won't charge. down to 20% now not sure what to do.

Since updating to iOS 8.1.3…My Iphone 6 keeps freezes, won't let me make calls or send text. Although email worked. I did an I tunes back up, to be sure I didn't lose any pictures, I tried to manually transfer them from my device to my computer and it won't let me. Than after doing a reset all settings, It won't take the pass code I had enter after the reset of settings. I am basically locked out of my phone. Apple tech said I need to wipe the phone is my only option. Hopefully pics are backed up in I tunes. In addition it is sucking the battery dry. I used to go almost 2 days…now I am down to about 4 hours….Apple really messed this upgrade up bad

Iphone 5… After updating to 8.1.3 my phone completely sucks now messaging does not work some times, it keeps kicking me off I have to restart phone and does not sound when texted, Safari keeps kicking me off and restarting my phone on its own, can't retrieve emails it'll kick me off and won't let me check email. I use my phone for work so I need all of the above to work properly this is very frustrating

Upgraded to iOS 8.1.3 yesterday then got a bunch of apps today so if I didn't like one I could keep the the other ones but I can't delete it! Idk what to do because I'm out of storage !

Hi All,

After updating my Iphone 5s to 8.1.3, below are the list of bugs or errors that I have encountered:

1.) My FRONT CAMERA is not working. It gets hang or stocked.
2.) TOUCH ID is not working saying a display message error that "Failed: Unable to complete Touch ID setup. Please go back and try again later.

This errors did not happened to my phone before. Please help us in resolving this issue and this caused a lot of disappointment on my part.

Thank you.

I have the same issue with deleting iMessages on my iPhone 5. It will delete regular SMS just fine. I'm able to delete iMessages on my iPad 2. With

IPhone 5s, new update kills my battery fairly quick even when my brightness is down and my Wifi is off. And before this my battery used to last me till 30% when I got home at night. Now it's get down to 5%

Did you figure out how to fix this cause im having the same issue with my iphone 5. Does apple do this to us on purpose? I hate their updates, dont even know why i installed! Grrr

After the 8.1.3 update both my husband's and my phone (both 5s) have lost text sounds when receiving a text. His ring tone is often gone for receiving phone calls as well. They seem to correct themselves if you turn the phone off then back on, but it happens again soon afterwards.

This stupid update now when I plug my phone into my computer and try to sync music from iTunes, the phone icon won't even pop up. So now its not even letting me connect to iTunes.

Since upgrading the operating system on my iPad tp iOS 8.1.3 the auto fill function on safari is no longer working. When looking on settings the list of passwords on auto fill is still there but not coming up on any websites eg bank Amazon etc even when I enter them again and ask them to remember them.

After the update, my 5s iPhone would not recognize the cable, and therefore wouldn't charge. I turned it off and on a couple of times, and then tried resetting a couple of times, still no luck. So I then connected it to my desktop iMac and the charge indicator started blinking on and off rapidly. iTunes opened up and gave me a bunch of "iPhone disconnected" messages. I then was able to charge with a wall charger, but still cannot get the connection to hold long enough to change my synch option to wireless, or to synch with the cable. Why do these updates always break things?

Sorry, spoke too soon. My phone will only charge if I use a higher (non-approved) 2.1 Amp usb wall charger. My phone will not recognize the Apple 1.0 Amp charger any more, after the update.

I've been trying to upgrade to 8.1.3 on my iPhone 4s. I kept getting an unknown error for two days then magically, it downloaded and I got the connect to iTunes picture. I did, and I keep getting error,39 when I tried updating and then restoring my 4s. Meanwhile, that connect to iTunes pictire is stuck on my phone and I can't turn it off or on and my phone is now just a small rectangular POS. Please help.

Why is Siri deaf now? I have to yell to use it? I can use voice memo and there are no issues with my phone calls. Siri just got wax in her ears? Apple got my 1000$ for my 6+ but don't care to fix these issues that they must know about by now. WTF?!?!

I was told not to upgrade the 8.1.2 because of problems, so when 8.1.3 came out I figured it was fixed and updated. Worst idea!!! Sound no longer players for YouTube videos no matter what I do. My favorites who can call when do not disturbed is on "incase of emergencys" would not ring! I wasn't very happy about this when I woke up!!! Texts will come through with no sound also. Not impressed at all!!!

I have 2 devices with iOS 8.1.3 that are dead and will not take a charge or turn on iPad mini and iPhone 5s. The iPad was dead and on charge but would never come back on, then i let my iPhone 5s die, i plugged it up and will not come on or take a charge either. Have case number on both with apple care and appointment with Apple Store in 2 days. We will see what they say, i would revert back my iOS and don't let your devices battery run completely dead!

After upgrading my Iphone 5 to 8.1.3, i am unable to use my data, send or receive text messages and making calls. Any suggestions?

Since updateing to the IOS 8.1.3 having problems with Facebook on IPad Mini 3.. My IPhone 5 as of now is working fine, but the iPad on fb it doesn't wont to load the status plus I can't view any comments on other ppl post.. I have deleted the app reinstalled twice I have reset my iPad by holding home button and lock button and still nothing has helped. Help,plz to resolve this issue.

No app store in my iphone 4s??
This is just a crap update. I don't see app store in my phone and can't install apps in any way possible. I tried downgrading to earlier versions, and that also is not working. Does anybody have any idea what to do in such case?

Sine I updated my iphone I cannot make any calls but I can receive them ? Any suggestions with what might be wrong ? Thanks

Yesterday I was having syncing problems with itunes. The music just wouldn't sync. So I decided to update to 8.1.3 and update itunes as well. The syncing took a long time and in the end, I lost 90% of music that wasn't bought on itunes and all my playlist got deleted. Theis whole sync/update process took nearly three hours and then I get the shaft? I'm done with Apple.

Every update the phones got worst. I'm done.

Since updating to IOS 8.1.3 been having problems with all 3rd party non stock apps would crash with seconds after opening. Did a soft reset and re installed apps one at a time to fine problems and even gone as far as done 6 iTunes restore back to factory setting and repeat the install method and still having issues with it.

Iphone 5s 32GB CDMA
Modem Firmware 3.11.00
Model ME309LL/A
Network At&t

Since updating to 8.1.3, I have an issue with iphone 6+ and iPad Air.
iPad Air has an issue with sending text messages. If the list of messages is long for a particular recipient and I send a message, especially with a picture attached, I can barely view the message and certainly cannot view the picture sent, even though I know it is there. It resides behind the iMessage box where you type the text in. Takes a few minutes until the entire message is fully visible.

iPhone has an issue on the Lock Screen. When it is in Lock Screen mode and I receive a text or a call, the number appears from my contact list, not the name of the person. I have temporarily fixed that by disabling Dial Assist. Annoying though.

After updating to iOS 8.1.3, Safari crashes everytime I play a YouTube video. It will usual play 5 to 10 seconds of the video before Safari crashes.

since updating to ios 8.1.3 on my iphone 6
i'm having problems with just about EVERYTHING. First of all i'm not recieving any message notifications on the home screen, and when i open my messages app all the messages i never recieved are already opened and read. And when and if i refresh the app, my most recent messages disappear. Phone calls are acting strange, for example i have my mom saved under mom and when she calls me it says her full name and then next to her full name it says "or mom". It's been doing that with just about everyone else. Also, my phone suddenly has no storage which is funny because i have 0 pics, 0 music and only two apps. One being drop box, and the other being twitter which is constantly crashing. because of this "no storage" pop up, im not able to take screenshots or even VIEW pictures people send me via messages. When i reboot my phone it starts deleting my most recent notes and recent imessage conversations. ios 8.1.3 also drains my battery unusually faster than normal. Everytime i try to resolve these problems and do a soft reset on my phone it actually just ends up resetting all my settings! my ringtones change, my vibration comes back, my notifications change, and then i have to do that whole finger print thing all over again, and sometimes it even resets my wallpaper. ios 8.1.3 is the worst mistake ive EVER DONE.

Since upgrading to IOS 8.1.3, I've been having trouble with the music app. When my device is connected to Itunes, it shows that my playlists have lists of songs on them, but on my device, all of my playlists are blank even after adding more songs to the playlist with the device connected to Itunes. Please help with advice ti help solve this issue.


I was having the same issue and I finally got it to work, try the following:

on you iphone, go to Settings > iCloud > Find my Iphone and make sure it's turned OFF.

That worked for me.

Good Luck! 🙂

Helena try the following, it worked for me:

on you iphone go to Settings > iCloud > Find my Iphone and make sure it's turned OFF.

This did it for me.

Good luck!

Since upgrading my iPhone 6 to 8.1.3 I've had issues with phone calls. I'll make a phone r call and it will connect but you can't hear the other person on the line. I have to hang up and call back 2or 3 times to good a good connection. Very frustrating. Especially in an emergency situation. Has anyone else been experiencing these problems or heard how to fix them?

Since i update my handset to iOS 8.1.3 i could not receive messages even i tried to delete all the inbox messages and then restart my cell 4s the deleted messages reappears once at all in my inbox. Don't know how to deal with this

I just downloaded the new update, but when I got to my storage I apparently have 0 bytes. I erased ten of my biggest apps (100 mb's each) and I still have no bytes. If I try to check my emails the app crashes. I go to settings and under mail contacts calendars a message saying accounts currently syncing appears. For two+ days. Something is wrong with my iPhone. Please help because it's getting really annoying that my very expensive iphone 6+ isn't working properly. I don't know why I have to put my email to be able to post this comment, because I won't be able to see any email coming in.

With 8.1.3 my iPhone 6 goes from 100% battery to 35% battery in two hours. I close all my apps when not in use, and have my brightness set at about half. I also leave BT off, but wifi on. I shouldn't have to turn off stuff anyway with a 1000$ handset. Getting really annoying.

I upgraded to i0s 8 last night , since then I am unable to make the vibrate function work , I tried all sound setting, as well notification settings , I even tried to customize a vibration mode .. no luck… please advise cant turn on sound at work … missing call all day

Since updating my 5s to 8.1.3 it does not accept most (non original charges that worked before). I have a JBL charging station that used to charge the phone super fast – now it charges around 1% per hour, Anker 15000 MAH portable battery that does not work any more. The only thing that works for me is a 2.1 charger. I have a friend with 6 that has the same issues since the update.

since updating the ios 8.1.3, I'm not able to turn the wifi on. It does not allow me. And now my phone is dead. IT DOES NOT TURNING ON! HELP ME PLEASE! Thanks in advance

I just updated IOS 8.1.3 and it shut down my phone. It is now saying to plug it into itunes so that it can do a recovery. If I do that I will have lost some really important pictures. I'm so upset and bummed out. I'm trying to find a way to save my pictures.

I can't make phone calls, when I try it tells me call failed. Sometimes my wifi symbol will disappear and no lte or 4g replaces it or my service will disappear and become no service. I can't send iMessages sometimes, only text messages

I have a iPhone 5c. Just updated to 8.1.3 and since then can't play any video on Safari/Youtube/Facebook/etc. Phone & camera are working fine though.

Music App doesn't work properly any more.
Music synced before 8.1.3 upgrade is fine but anything synced after then, when you choose a track, it shows 1 of 1 at the top and it is like the app is locked into playing just one track. Previous and Next buttons do nothing and if you go back and select another track from that album, nothing happens. You have to go out an play a track from a different album before you can play another track on the same album.
iPhone came from iPod which stated out a a music app so this is quite fundamental!

Yes!!! I just downloaded the upgrade last night and now when people call I can't hear them but they hear me, I have to hang up and call them 2-3 times before I can hear!! I'm pissed!! I'm so done with Apple! There never used to be a new upgrade every other day they fixed tbings right the first time.

i am having problem with my music app. in case of some songs when i try to play them, they are skipped and the next track starts playing.
any suggestions?

I have been having trouble with my Contacts and the phone function being non responsive. I'll try to go into Contacts and then it will just hang up and not work. If I back out I can easily get into other apps, but the phone function gets really stuck. Any ideas?

Suddenly, this morning I have not been able to send any text messages, but I can receive them. I turned off iMessage and facetime (that's not working either) turned them back on and signed back in, reset my network settings, restarted my phone, and am now backing up my phone thinking I may have to reset it and lose all of my stuff. I have 8.1.3 installed, I did this days ago. Any suggestions so my family doesn't think I dropped off the face of the earth again?

The only problem I have found with this update deals with itunes and the music I had on my device. I've been wanting to sync a few new songs onto the device, so I transferred them through itunes as usual. The only problem was that the songs wouldn't sync at all. I tried once again to get them to work, but this time, it deleted many of my 1000+ songs from the device! The only songs that are still there are the ones I downloaded directly onto the device (not the ones purchased on my computer's itunes and transferred). Itunes still shows the playlists and songs I had on it before they were deleted but they don't show up on the device at all. I have not been able to transfer ANY songs back onto the device permanently. The few times I did get a successful transfer, the songs were almost immediately deleted again?? The only way I achieved those transfers was by deleting the song off my device in itunes, then transferring over. The only problem with that is that I have all my songs organized into many neat folders and playlists. If I delete/retransfer everything, all of the playlists and folders will go with it. It would take ~46 whole hours or more to reorganize all of that music, which I do not have time for. I'm even seriously considering going back to using my old mp3 player for music again and just junking this thing. I'm at a loss!!!

Since the upgrade the microphone doesn't work properly. I have to yell but only in calls.
Voice memos is working fine

on safari screen keeps freezing and significant time lag scrolling down screen. On FaceTime doesn't let me answer everytjme. I keep trying to press answer but it freezes. Then I have to hold button and restart before I can do anything else.

Please, please, please address the problem of battery drain which is ridiculously fast AND the problem with charging. I purchased a non-Apple wall charger from Apple when purchasing my phone and it will NOT charge since loading 8.1.3!! I'm going to be left with one semi-charged and one dead phone within hours. This is totally unacceptable. Shame on you, Apple!!! Truly sorry I didn't look harder at the Samsung but unfortunately everything we own is Apple.

Since updating my iphone 5S, i can no longer use TouchID fingerprint scanner.
Cannot even register a fingerprint whatsoever, all i get is "Unable to complete Touch ID setup, please go back and try again."

Although can use phone without it, the whole point of a 5S and the 100s of pounds purchasing one is for security of the scanner when purchasing apps…… far from happy.
Tried multiple restores, spoke with Apple who said to bring it in store next week……Sigh…

Every once in a while, when I am in Mail, the status bar on top disappears. This did not happen before I upgraded to 8.1.3.

The only way I've found to restore it is to restart the phone.

After taking my iPhone e 5 and my iPad air both to Apple today for hardware issues they updated my phone from 7.1.3 with out asking me( I had the newest before and it sucks!) and my iPad air had a bad headphone jack, instead of repairing it they replaced it. It also had 7.1.3( my old iPad 2 was updated and won't work now with new version), so I was hesitant at them giving me a new one since I had to purchase a new one already because of the software…. AND LOW AND BEHOLD THE SAME ISSUES!!. I can't watch any videos for longer than 10-15 seconds without serious issues. The video freezes alltogether but the "clock" keeps going, or the audio continues but the video freezes then when the video does start back up its 20 seconds behind the audio! I'm so freaking frustrated right now!!!! I would love to get my 7.1.3 back or give me my old iPad repaired like they were supposed to do in the first place!!! And as far as the phone they should have NEVER updated it without my consent!

Apple where are your answers???
1200 problems with brand new freaking phones and you have what one or two answers? Wake the f up and answer your customers, and put it on your f ing website nerds!!!! This is what we pay our could be savings away for? Guess you just got ten million beholden suckers, no? Imagine the $$$ they must be making you!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure the next hip Apple color is gold! Is there some other reason u r called apple? Nothing to do with its overt connotations, eh???!?!!!

Since updating to 8.1.3 i have had problem with phone calls. I can call out but cannot hear anything. I don't hear the phone ringing or when someone answers or when call goes to voicemail. When person answers my call they can't hear me. Same issue with incoming calls, phone will ring but when I answer I cannot hear the caller and they can't hear me. Every other function works. I can listen to voicemails but can't hear or be heard during a call. Anyone else having this issue?

I have found a solution although still think there's a bug.
If you do the 'more' as previous & then click in the message field at the bottom, then drag the keyboard back down the forward arrow appears in the bottom right hand corner!

after upgrading my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1.3, I no longer have the "Leave this conversation" menu option in Group MMS!! ugh!! :/

Lots of text problems as well

Today my texts to my wife said failed to send even though she was getting them, I didn't know it because I wasn't getting her texts

Now my iPad won't send a text to no Apple devices

Totally bummed

After upgrading to iOS 8.1.3 on my 5s, I wasn't getting all my calls until I figured the do not disturb was enabled, LAME

Next I couldn't text due to auto correct was totally wacked, determined it was actually correcting in another language when I discovered the Italian keyboard was installed and no I don't speak Italian

Apple is really dropping the ball

Now I just have text problems in general


Siri sounds kinda different as of this morning. I tested out a couple different devices and they were having the same issue. It seems like Siri is sounding like an older assistant. I don't think Apple would make an update to Siri. Is this considered a bug or did Apple make a Siri update?

Ever since updating my 5s to 8.1.3, my ohine constantly freezes and my iMessage does not send or receive messages regularly. Please address this problem as it is interfering with my everyday life, remaining in contact with loved ones, and my schoolwork. Thank you.

After upgrading to IOS 8.1.3 I no longer get notifications for text or iMessages and some of my messages do not show up (for example, my Goodmorning text to a friend and his responses where in my messages, I closed the app and opened it again and those messages were gone). When I recieve a text I do not know that I do unless I check the thread because no notification come up and my phone does not make any noise. This is a very big problem for me amy bothers me very much. I even reset my network settings and that did not fix the issue.
The issue started about 24 hours after the download.

Ever since I downloaded the update my phone won't let me go on to snapchat, twitter or nothing and when I delete the app and try to reinstall them it won't let me cause it say I have 0bytes and no matter howich stuff I delete it says the same thing. When I send a message the message goes through but it still says sending and when I close down the messages my text or any text they send back are gone. I've basically lost my whole phone and don't know what to do.

Since updating to iOS 8 on my iPad & iPhone seems it's been one issue after another. My latest issue is with the 8.1.3 update all my Notes from 2013 to current date have disappeared. I use the Notes feature on my iPhone & iPad a great deal and I am afraid their gone. What's going on with these updates? You are better than this Apple.

Just bought tab iPhone 6 and downloaded the iOS.1.8.3 update. I can no longer connect to my home wifi. It keeps saying I'm entering the wrong password. Or just will nnot accept. I've tried the reset network thing. And taking something else off. No luck. This really sucks. Have to use the web through sprint and my coverage is garbage.
What a waste and terrible upgrade.

I am having the same problem. At first it was just my playlists that were gone. After "upgrading" to 8.1.3, all of my music is gone; iTunes tells me that it's on my device, but my device says my library is empty. I just found out I can't restore to an older version, either. I wish I had done my research first and stayed at 8.1.1 or 7.whatever. This is a problem that they should be working to fix ASAP; my sole purpose of purchasing this device for storing and listening to music. What a WASTE.

Since updating to 8.1.3, my wallpaper will not show and my battery drains very quickly, getting more and more frustrated with Apple not proofing prior to distribution!

I'm having the same issue as of today. Still no answers from Apple about this issue it seems. My next phone will NOT be an iPhone!!!

I'm having the same I updated my 4s to 1.8.3 and most of my music got deleted luckily you can just go to iTunes and redownload all of it but it is still annoying

I have an iPhone 6 with 8.1.3 and do not have an option for text message forwarding to forward to my iMac or iPad. Did it disappear? Or did it move spots?

After receiving or sending a picture or video message, the picture or video will disappear in the conversation and leave just an empty bubble. I can still view the picture or video when I go to the details section of the conversation. They send, but they don't show on my end. Apparently everything looks normal from the other person's point of view.

Any fixes on how to get them to show in the conversation again?

Everything you just said is exactly happening to me! It is driving me nuts! I regret downloading this horrible upgrade!

Check Self-destructing message settings.

Go to Settings > Messages.
Set the audio or video to expire after two minutes or keep it forever.

My Ipad mini 2 updated to 8.1.3 automatically without my consent. After downloading a Memory and Disk Cleaner.

Since upgrading my iPhone 5S to the IOS 8.1.3 software I do not get sound notifications for texts, and my phone occasionally does not ring when I receive a call. I also do not get sound notifications for missed calls and voice mails. Pain in the ass. Not sure what bug fiexes this upgrade made but it sounds like it created a lot more problems.

I have been having th same problem. I deleted almost everything off my phone and still have no storage and when I try to delete phones the app crashes. If you find away to fix it please let me know. It's making me wanna break my phone…

I updated my iphone 5S to ios 8.1.3 . I lost my jailbreak and now i can't downgrade . If I factory reset my iphone will it go back to the ios version it was made with or is it going to stay at ios 8.1.3?

I am experiencing all of the above listed issues. I cannot text I cannot call I am also experiencing same issues on iPad. What the hell have you done Apple?? This is draining my battery once every 3 hours because it can't receive or when it does receive texts it tries forever to try.

help my iphone 6 plus text tone is not working and all notifications when i started this os 8.3,1 plas help

having exactly the same story with iPad2, after installing new iOS the device is locked fully. It displays 'connect to iTunes' icon, but after connection is not able to restore the system. iTunes starts up the operation and after some 15 minutes displays "unknown error (-39)" and starts over and over again. No any help messages from Apple, seems like we are left alone..

I upgraded to ios 8 after much apprehension. I am SO sorry I did. My phone is on a constant delay, I am continuously barraged with prompts to enter my itunes and icloud passwords no matter what Im doing, all of my settings were reset and when I reset them, they revert back. Im so frustrated and disappointed! Any suggestions? Thanks all!

I am getting so frustrated with Apple!! I updated the software in my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.1.3. It has worked fine for me up until today. I have tried making calls/texts and even though I have full signal they all fail. I can not even recurve calls/texts too!! I have lost money today due to this crap happening. I originally thought it would be my network (Vodafone) but then alittle bloody research and I came across this page and a whole lot of other sites with a hell of a lot of people having the same problem as I am having. So how the hell do I get this sorted out? I turned the phone off and left it a while which then let me text once then the same again happened. So bloody annoyed with Apple they need to get this sorted. When you pay for an iPhone you expect to be able to use it!!

I am getting sick of these stupid iphone updates!!!! I finally updated my iPhone 4s to iOS 8.1.3, and now I can't open my message app, and I can't receive text messages. I called my sister and asked her to send me a text to figure out if I could receive texts, and the text never came through. What do I do? This is beyond frustrating!!!! Please help me!

I updated iOS 8.1.3 Iphone 4s

I just got my new laptop OX 10.10.2 not bad but i know its too slow.. im trying to figure out is it a prob with Operating System…

Now bluetooth is not workin i so i cant connect to my laptop im fed up its annoying with issues and updating. 🙁 pls fixed the bugs before update got it? then PPL wont complain


Since updating my iPhone 5s text messages won't send and I'm not sure I'm even receiving them. When i do receive them there is no vibrate or sound notifying me. My mail no longer works. Most of my apps will not open. Facebook, snapchat, candy crush, and many others crash immediately and will not open. I've deleted enough stuff to free up space and it still says my storage is full. It will also not allow me to backup my phone.

So I update my iPad & iPod Touch to iOS 8.3.1 then all of a sudden my iPod touch doesn't work on wifi, I reset, reboot changed DNS settings even rebooted my Fios router my Internet is perfect but I still can't send messages, get on safari or anything that requires Internet meanwhile my iPad still can I DINT GET IT SOMEONE HELP!!!!

My problems are exactly the same. I updated my Iphone 5s yesterday and since then the phones functions have progressively gotten worse, even though I have almost 1 Gb of memory on the phone.

my phone freezes when i click on something on setting like facetime,phone,messages. its takes awhile for it to open i tried resetting my phone. oh and when i reset my phone it does it like three times to work

This is really crazy, I'm having the same exact problem with mine. I have reset it multiple times and no fix. They have got to send me a new phone because its not worth trying to fix. I just saved some new contacts and when I go back to view them, they disappear. My messages wont save and when I delete messages they pop back up again. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

After having my brand new iPad mini 2 a few days I updated it to ios 8.1.3. Now when I go to the pictures app it shows boxes of where my pictures used to be. Then after I reboot the white boxes are still present. When I take brand new pictures and turn off my iPad the brand new pictures turn to white boxes. What's going on?

Today my iPad mini has been freezing then closing down if it's own accord
The switches back on
It's been update to Ios8.1.3 but having constant crashing

What am I supposed to do? I keep losing work and it's not good for business

I had a similar problem to one of the people above. When I updated my ipad now it acts like it is syncing my music but then it automatically disappears off my tablet but the tab on the computer says the music is on my device. I tried all steps that were mentioned above but still no luck. Help.

All my playlist is gone on my Ipad after updating but I could see the playlist on my computer…
What to do ?
I use it at my work, so I got problems…

Guys, i upgraded 8.1.3 to my 4S phone (fairly new) and was ok for a week. now i can see constant network drop and connecting again (temporary workaround is to switch to air plane mode and restart the device Ref: apple KB TS4429) .i now got an appointment with the apple service in one of the retail stores after network reset, factory reset. this wasn't the situation when the default iOS was in the device.

did any one see this issue after the upgrade ?

if yes, was any fix provided?
if no, what are the options available?

I have the same issue. I cant text and even reply to my messages… Worst, when I tried to closed an open app, it just frozes… And it takes for some time to closed, it even drains my battery so fast… My phone is heatibg up due to maybe it took so ong to process it. HELP! What to do???? I tried to downgrade but its says t doesnt work anymore. OMG!!!

Please help. after update is finish my phone restarted however it's stuck on Itunes symbol with the lightnining cable icon. huhuhu

my iphone 6 was purchased last Dec. 2014 and had it replaced with three new ones because Siri does not respond…looks like I'm going to get a fourth one next week for the same problem with siri.

Every time I try opening up the mail app, it crashes. I've tried restarting my phone and have also deleted a lot to make extra space on my phone. I don't know what else to do. I have a 4s and recently updated to 8.1.3. I use the mail app for work everyday so it's important that I get this fixed ASAP. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

after I update to 8.1.3 I can get emails from AppStore,now I can't reset any password,just waste of time,
I feel Apple it's time to pack up give way to others

Since the ioS 8.1.3 install, I receive NO alerts! Auto-lock canNOT be set to "Never" and I'm sure there are many more shortcomings!!!!!! Am switching to Droid at the next opportunity!!!!!!

I am experiencing the same issues since my upgrade last January. Wish I had stayed with ioS 7!!!!!!!! Better yet……a Droid?????

I just updated my iphone 4S the new 8.1.3 yet still it does not SYNC with my car. I have re-set and restore the iphone at it is not working. I do not want to have to buy a new phone! Any news!!

I downloaded the 8.1.3 update today and it came up with an error message and restored my iPad to my HUSBAND's iPad losing all apps, photos, videos, etc. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

My iPad did that and when I hooked it up to my computer it gave an error message and then reset everything but to my husband's iPad, not mine, and I lost everything.

after updating my ipod, I lost all my music library… looking on forums have not helped, tried the support section and still nothing… now my ipod only wants to hold 100 songs and 11 of them are songs that can not be deleted for some reason… I have only had this ipod for a year and it was brand new when I bought it

I just purchased a new iPhone 6Plus at the Apple Store and after migrating my old iPhone 4S contents to the new 6Plus all seems to be working EXCEPT my Voice Memos are all grayed out and the 'downloading' icon is constantly spinning. I have turned my phone off and back on, signed out and signed back into iCloud thinking the problem may exist there but not such luck. All my photos transferred fine as did everything else EXCEPT the Voice Memos. I was wondering if another future update may resolve this problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

I was having wifi problems for the past two days and to top it all off, the Setting application crashed while checking for any updates. iOS 8.1.3 was supposed to fix the crash bug and it was no better than iOS 8.1.2. Another issue is that the wifi problems cause apps waiting to install to disappear and cause me to have to go back to the App Store to redownload them. Can Apple really stomp out these bugs in iOS 8.2?

I upgraded my ipad air and my iPhone 4S to 8.1.3 now both devices prompt me endlessly for an iCLoud login. This has NEVER occured prior to the upgrade, and I see many people complaining about this so it is time Apple take some responsibility and fix the mess they created!

Both devices seem like they are always on or something, because the battery drains fast now and it's never done that since I've owned the devices; heck my IPad battery used to last almost a 5 days and I'd never even have to take a cord with me on 2-3 day trips. Now if I take it on a 3 hour trip it is dead.

Additionally the iPad can no longer recognize my bluetooth headset in maps (works everywhere else), it takes some tinkering in the iPhone and I can eventually get the headset working but it's a mess. When it finally does work the volume of the voice is really low then really loud then really low and so forth.

Sorry Apple you blew it on this one and the lack of response to acknowledge the blunder is not good either. I have always loved apple because they were solid devices, maybe it's time to look at android again.

I have the exact same problem with my mail after 8.1.3 update. Everytime I try to open it, it simply crashes after a while..

Have you found a fix yet?

Ps: Apparently, when iPhone is in Plane mode, I can open the mail app. Then put back in normal mode and it looks like my mails are loading..

Might be a temp fix for you until someone comes up with a better fix 🙂

I just updated my iphone 5s from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3 after that I can't set still wallpaper . If I select still wallpaper then it will crash and going to home screen…

Ever since the update, my music refuses to properly sync to my iPad. Most of the songs if they do sync end up with failure notifications of it just skips songs straight through. It also erased my original selection of music from my music player so I'm incapable of having any songs at this point.

I tried to update IOS 8.1.3 to my Iphone 5s and when I started the update on iTunes through my computer, it said updating…. took at least 5 hours and then when it was done, it said extracting software. Now a bar shows up on my hone and it says its updating. I don't want to go through this all day. Ho do i just get my phone back to the normal home screen???

I was happily running a version of iOS 7… waiting for bugs to be worked out in iOS8… recently upgraded to 8.1.3. My iPad now is VERY slow–my old 8 year old laptop is faster. My iPad having trouble with Fbook and mail, which I normally use–taking forever to get news feeds, watching videos, etc.

I wasn't able to upgrade my iPhone 5 due to memory issues–never had an issue before… it was happily running on an old iOS… maybe a good thing given the enormous issues I have been experiencing. But apparently my iCloud won't work until all my Apple devices are upgraded to the same iOS–so I'm stuck. Really stuck.

After updating, selecting wallpaper from the 'Stills' section crashes Settings. 'Dynamic' wallpapers work fine, only 'Stills' has the issue. I've tried restarting my iPod, resetting, and restoring. Restore only works if I select the IPSW for iOS 8.1.3 and do a fresh install of the OS. Problem is, I can't restore from backup as the problem comes back. I've tried everything to fix this to no avail. If anyone could help, that'd be great. If not, I guess I'll have to wait for the next update.

I have the same issue with 5s . Dynamic wallpapers are working ok but stills can't open , If I touch stills wallpaper it crash and going to home screen .

problems with literally everything.
I can't even open photos
Vine won't lode
Pretty much all the required apps wont open and freeze
Wifi trouble
And so soo sooooo much freezing

after i upgraded from iphone5 to iphone6 and transferred my songs to iphone6. first, i lost my singers info, then i lost all my songs. itunes would show them, but Music on iphone6 does not.

what more can Apple do to drive customers away ?

After the update I get no text message notifications and when I send out texts it looks like it's not going through BUT I still get people's reply! UGH. I turn off and on many times with no fix. It actually deletes the last text messages after a restart. I hate it. FIX IT NOW

Not sure if this is an 8.1.3 update-related issue or a separate Exchange issue but:

I just started a job and had to install my work email via Exchange on my 5s. I had to enter my phone's passcode in order to make it work but now I cannot get into my phone unless I use TouchID. I'e already tried to connect my phone to my MBP to use the passcode but it didn't work.

Any clue how to fix this??

yeah me too! I updated to 8.1.3, and at first my touchID would work only once. After restoring it a numerous times, now I can't even register a new finger print, and use it at all.
I am going to see the genius bar, and will update you all with any further progress

Ashley, were you able to fix these problems? My phone just started with the exact
same problems you were/are having. To add to this problem all my text
message pictures that were not saved to my camera roll have been replaced by that
lovely question mark sign. Ugh. I'm so frustrated. I can't connect to any of my apps,
iTunes store, app store, send or receive email, Facebook, etc. Please let me know if you
found a solution.

for some reason siri is not working at all on this 8.1.3 update. I reset the network, turned the phone off & still not progress. Help, please.

I have available updates in the Apps Store that won't download.

I press the 'update' button and the icon changed to a 'loading' circle but there is no downloading icon near the battery indicator (top right).

I have tried logging out of iTunes, restarting (iPhone 5c), logging into iTunes again. Didn't work.

Cheers in advance.

I just updated to IOS 8.2 yesterday. I got a few errors but was able to finally get it to finish and complete the process. Now, when I go to the App Store and select to update all apps that offer an update, it resets… meaning, I click on Update, the little circle appears, spins, then the word Update appears again. It will not install. I am plugged into my pc but I do not have iTunes running. I am on wifi at home.

Just gook IOS 8.1.3 on my iphone 5 — screen is now zoomed way in making it impossible to use. I tried turning it off but it didn't help. Any suggestions????

please help me asap=( its been months now my iphone 5c is not working i upgraded it to 8.1.3 it does not connet to wifi it is not deleting my icloud account ( not accepting my correct password even though i changed my password ) ..time is not displaying correctly . please please help me fast…
waiting …

Same thing happens to me. It has probably been that way for about a month now. Have you found a solution yet?

I updated my iPhone 4s iOS 7 to iOS 8 and all the upgrade that available with iOS 8,my phone keep turning off and the ringer don't work, help me please

I updated my iphone5s to the new iOS 8.2 and now I can't receive any emails from my yahoo email acct. I still receive them from gmail but not yahoo. Please help!!

I have had the exact same problem with a 5C on Vodafone. Vodadone have no idea how to fix the problem. I can't receive or make calls, send sms or data roam in any capacity. I can only use wifi. Phone drains battery like crazy as well.

My iPhone 6 continues to work fine and syncs (via wifi) but my iPad Air does is not recognize via wifi in iTunes and when I connect via USB i am caught in a loop of "trust computer" on iPad and "continue" on Macbook Air. Thoughts? thanks.

After updating my phone iphone 6 to IOS 8.1.3 my phone automatically went into recovery mode. How did this happen?

iphone 5 / ipad2 mini – both updated to ios 8.3. both want to be connected to computer to wifi sync. can't figure out how to make it start after connecting. tried clicking sync via wifi button. do i have to wipe my phone out and start over?

I just upgraded and now my sound doesn't work. Any ideas? I've checked the sound settings and it's all on.

iPhone 6 – my daughter tried to download the 8.3 and now her phone will not do anything. The screen just shows an icon indicating she should plug into iTunes. I am not even able to power down the phone.

I updated my iphone 6 to IOS 8.1.3 or whatever and it wont connect to itunes at all, what do i do?

I just tried updating yesterday and I got the same results. Then when I go to restore it on Itunes or update via itunes and gives me and error 56 message which I can not find any information on.

Updated and can't use my iCloud now. I've changed my password three times and on the phone with Apple. Have been on hold 30 minutes. I'm a highly upset customer. If I knew I wouldn't be able to use my business email anymore I would've never updated to this version.

iPhone 6- Since I downloaded iOS 8.3 when I go on Instagram to upload pictures it won't let me get any of my pictures from my camera roll. I tried deleting it and downloading it again but still won't work.

I am EXTREMELY frustrated with Apple's new update. I plugged my phone in to get it restored from a backup that I performed an hour earlier and the update said it was not compatible with my phone anymore! It erased all of my data and I am very upset about this new update. DO NOT download unless you want a 6 hour headache.

I updated my phone a few days ago and it worked fine. But last night over FaceTime i had to check my notifications, so i did BUT my phone froze up. And then it turned off onto the apple screen, but everything was still working (My assesive touch and i could still receive calls and siri but thats it) please tell me how I can get rid of this problem!

After I updated to the 8.3 version, all my playlists in the music app disappeared.

As soon as I downloaded the update there are 2 things….First of all imessages will work….but if I attempt to delete any messages the application freezes and I have to restart the phone. Also I am not able to tag people on my instagram. Which wasn't a problem until I updated. Im not even sure if a reset will fix the phone as its just going to install what I already have on here.

Can't open whatsapp anymore.
Couldn't delete video's anymore.

Doesn't matter how many apps I delete, it keeps saying that there are 0 bytes available. And I can't connect to itunes, because there's no room for a connection available.

I have the same issue, I have just received a new iPhone and when I tried Restore Backup right when it is about to be finished it says my backup is corrupt or not compatible with my device.

Updated to iOS 8.3 and now no Facebook videos will play they just sit there and spin!! Please help ASAP!!!

The same thing is happening to me! I don't know what to do and this is getting annoying… Please let me know if you figure out how to fix this.

HELP! Every time I get outta snap chat I have to relog in, I can’t see any of my pictures, I’m getting texts from last night now, it randomly vibrates, I can't send texts, I can't answer the phone and when I unlock it it just shows my background no apps for like 15 seconds! My phone worked perfectly fine until the update

After the update none of the people I call or who call me can hear me. I can hear them fine. I reset the phone (but not to factory setting) and did all the other suggestions from the apple site and nothing has worked.

Same things happening to me! It's so friggin annoying, and my phones getting bogged up with messages from like a month ago now. I even tried contacting apple and they didn't help at all.

when I updated my phone, it deleted my songs then said I have to wait 90 days to get it back. I think this is stupid. It's happened to my mom and my father too. What is wrong?!?

After updating my iOS to 8.3 I can't download videos from YouTube. Before anytime I play a video in YouTube my downloader automatically activate for me to press and start my download. After my update to iOS 8.3 my my download activation sign is disabled.

I am having the same problem and i really need to fix it, i was wondering if you found a way to fix this glitch?

I am having a problem with my music. So I have music with artists that have a song featuring someone else. For example I have Justin bieber and he has one song with Sean Kingston. But now on all my Justin songs it says it's both Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston. When it isn't. I am very confused and it's bugging me!

I am very unhappy with Apple right now. With ios 8.3 my battery went from 100% to 65% in 2 hours! And everything was off: bluetooth, wifi, data, it was only turned on. My Touch ID is not working anymore, It just shows this message: Failed: Unable to complete Touch ID setup. Please go back and try again later. I did not pay a lot of money to get this terrible device.

after iOS 8.3 update, the music app constantly crashes on my iPod touch 5g. I can hardly play music anymore. of all things… 🙁

I'm not a tech person…but since installing 8.3 on my 4S, everything is slower and more difficult! And it added some junk apps I won't ever use! You suck Apple. It's suppose to be better and easier, not worse and harder!

My messages won't work. I press the icon and it comes up with the standard thing just with out the messages. In 15 sec. After I click on it turns off and goes to my hone screen. I have friends I need to touchbase with for homework.

I have been trying to update to ios 8.3 on my ipod touch 5th generation. II am almost out of space on it But I don't think that's the reason it's not downloading. I started downloading it YESTERDAY at 4:30 pm and it is 5 now TODAY and it still is unresponsive and says verifying update. I can't do anything on it. Please tell me of you have any idea how to fix it or why it's not working.

yup me too. called apple and they told me to do a reset and then have a friend send me a message and then delete it and see if the issue persists. IF not, then its a software issue. so they told me to reinstall my backup from itunes instead. I did this as advised and still have the same issue! I now have a clusterf*ck of messages n i cant delete them cuz it freezes and can't receive calls or messages until I restart. but then even when i restart the god damn messages come right back like i never deleted them! This is so ridiculous and I can't get help! I'm afraid if I get a replacement phone and install from backup I will have the same issue anyway! Iphone is about to get thrown into traffic.. just sayin… if anyone has a fix PLEEEEEASE SHARE!

This is absolutely ridiculous Apple! After I downloaded IOS 8.3 my apps download then just disappear, my internees slower and its shutting off my apps while I'm on them. I tried many different solutions so it's not my IPad, ITS YOUR UPDATE! FIX IT! PLEASE!?!

I can't get my old text messages from other iPhone users. I'm very upset about this cause I am not missing pics sent to me from my family of my nieces. This is ridiculous we spend so much money on these phones and now this. Quit updating if you are just gonna screw us. It was a great phone till I had to start updating it.

Apple full blown replaced my phone thinking that was the problem but somehow I am smarter then them, I told them it wont fix the problem because the problem exists in the backup which has 8.3 installed. The way I fixed it was I backed up an older version of my phone that had 8.2 still. Now my phone works normal but I am missing 6 months worth of pictures etc on my phone. 8.3 was a huge bust to the point where apple is giving away free phones cause they don't know how to fix the problem. Might as well go get a new phone while you can.

I have just tried to update my 5C with IOS 8.1.3 after showing verifying the screen went black and white text appears on the top section of the screen. It now has the same white script with a black background with the apple logo in the centre of the screen. I cannot turn my phone on or off, it will now not respond………does anyone know what I do to get my phone working please???????

I am having the same problem and is very frustrating. I have never had a problem uploading to Instagram and more I cannot do anything since I got this 6 Plus.

After updating to iOS 8.3 my playlists stopped working. Anytime I close the music app the paused playlist goes straight to all my songs.

Having the same exact issues.. Finally called Apple.. Have been at it since about 9:45 this morning, it's 1:56 now.. Reset settings, then restored phone; original issue is still happening with iMessage and my restore from iCloud backup is taking forever and I'm panic stricken I'm going to lose a back of pictures/videos and personal stuff.

I have the same issue as you, just spent over an hour waiting for "chat help" at with no one responding. Very frustrating.

after updating my 4S to 8.1.3, the screen became blank/black. restore did not work. now my phone keeps making beeping sound every 5-10 seconds

earlier, before restore, i can make calls to it
now, with the beeping sound, no messages or calls can get thru.

I have similar issues since upgrading my IPad to 8.3. It is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

My messages keep crashing and I can't seem to delete anything either. So no sending, no receiving, no deleting, and once it crashes and you click on it again, it comes up blank and everything is gone. Only restart seems to fix it – except when you try to delete again, it crashes instantly.

Same exact problem and apple gave me a new phone not realizing its the ios8.3 thats messing it up. So i had to restore an old version that didnt have 8.3 and now my phone works fine. Im waiting for 8.4 to come out then im gonna try and restore all my old stuff

Same exact thing happens to me. Called apple, they first had me restore my setting, then tried reinstalling software. Neither worked. They had no answers and think my backup may be corrupted. Hoping they figure this out and can fix it with an update soon.

I lost my iPhone 5S about a week ago and the people who found it tried to get into it so much I had to go to Verizon to fix it.After that I noticed I had iOS8.3 and now everytime I try to get a app it says I have to pay.I tried downloading subway surfers about one hour ago and it still says I have to pay.What do I do?

iPhone iOS 8.3 update royally messed up my iPhone email inbox. Currently downloading over 1,000+ old emails that were previously read and deleted. No longer an option to limit inbox to a specific number of emails. Also update deleted my sent box! Wth!! It's also not allowing me to 'mark all' and then delete them. Seriously? I am expected to delete over 2,000 emails that shouldn't even be there, one by one???

Hi guys,

The problem here with Siri is Whatsapp messenger and or Bbm messenger(s).
Remove it
Restart your device
Update the iOS to the latest version if you haven't already done
Reinstall Whatsapp.

Watch the the magic happen and you can thank me later.

IOS 8.1.3 has messed up my calendar with an inability to add, modify or delete events. I have looked up on other fora any potential setting issues, but none apply to my phone. I have now resorted to a paper desk diary, far more efficient. Sort it out Apple!

Yes the same exact thing has happened to me. I did the same, I've tried restarting it a few times, but that didn't work. Then decided to reset my iPod 5. Which sucks because it still didn't work and since resetting it I lost 12.5 gb of my music!! I hope they fix this! What's the point of having Siri at all if the microphone doesn't work? Or recording videos if you can't hear anything? They shouldn't have even made an update! The iOS 7 was great! I only updated it because the Instagram app was being updated And for some reason wouldn't let me in the app unless I updated to the iOS 8!!!

I have several apps that have in-app volume controls. (white noise apps, subliminal affirmations designed to work with music from my itunes, and self-hypnosis audios with different parts like voice and background music, etc.) The in-app volume controls have disappeared entirely since updating my ios. I have updated all apps, deleted and re-installed.

Can you please tell e how to resolve the problem you were having with your daughters phone. mine has done the same thing..


Same issue – and my battery starts draining immediately when I try to delete messages.

Since updating Facebook login page with password has become permanent even after deactivating and I can no longer comment on a local paper that requires Fb

Since updating to the new iOS. It had reset my iCloud email login as well as my passwords. It reset the iCloud email to an email that is no longer activated as of years ago. When first having iPhone that was the email I used until updating to iCloud email which took the place of my old Apple ID. Now I can no longer sign into Apple ID. Cannot get my password emailed to me because I cannot sign into my iCloud email. And on top of all of this, I cannot answer the old security questions as they are answers from 6+years ago. I need help resolving this ASAP.

IOS 8.1.3 is the worst op sys. to hit apple so far. everything just slowed down to a crawl. nothing is working smooth at all. seriously get your crap together and fix this.
my battery drains so fast that it is leaving skid marks on my desk. and that my freinds is very serious. What once lasted me ALL day and night long, now lucky to get 4-6 hours out of it. and thats little to no use ….just standby.
get it together guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

since the latest update my iPhone 6 plus is practically useless. The screen keeps freezing, apps open themselves rapidly at random and texting is impossible as the phone seems to have a mind of it's own inserting the letter b multiple times into messages of it's own accord. This is the first time I've ever had an issue with Apple but it's seriously getting on my nerves.

Same! I have 5c and whenever I make videos on the back side the mic works fine. But, when I use Siri, voice text with iMessage, text message, it doesn't work. Also whenever I FaceTime people cannot hear me. This is frustrating, and I need an answer!!

just did the update on my iPhone 4s and now the screen is black.what can I do to correct this?

its not about paying.
when you download apps you require some sort of payment method. you were told to update ur payment method so if you did follow the steps you would have found none option and it would have been sorted. i know this because it happened to me

Hi, this just recently happened to me I'm not sure if it's an update problem but my phone has not been freeing up space on my phone. I have deleted apps but then I can't redownload it because it's not giving any space. I have deleted at least 70 photos ( as well as the recently deleted album) and the space is just frozen on "0 bytes on Adrian" I have turned off my phone and no luck. This has happen before but not this bad. Any advice?

The same things just happened to me after downloading iOS 8.4 I now have notification that I have 39,611 email messages and it will only allow me to delete those that have been received since the download. The other 39,000+ do not show up in my email message listing. The screen says NO MAIL, but down below in minuscule font it says I have 39,611 unread email messages. How can I get these out of cue and deleted?

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