Fix : iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in even when not

Lot of Apple iPhone 6, 5 users reported “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in“.

Why this problem happened?

There might be something in your iPhone headphone jack maybe dirt or lint or broken headphone piece.

Solution 1: Use compressed air

You can able to get it out via spraying compressed air into the headphone jack port.

Solution 2: Use Qtip

Remove the cotton from the Qtip head and insert it into the headphone jack.

Solution 3: Use Paperclip

  1. Roll up a thin bit of toilet paper (quite long) and insert it in headphone port.
  2. Then with a paper clip or small screwdriver  push it in gently
  3. Left it for a few minutes and remove it.

Other fixes :-

  • Suck really hard on your iPhone headphone port.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and do a hard reset. Then turn on bluetooth.

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