Firewall Stealth Mode, Mac : Enable or Disable

Stealth Mode : Enabling this mode prevents your mac system from responding to probing requests. Your Mac computer still answers incoming requests for authorized applications. But it will ignore unexpected requests  like ICMP (ping).

How to Enable/Disable Firewall Stealth Mode?

  1. Navigate to System Preferences -> Security or Security & Privacy icon and choose “Firewall tab”.
  2. In Firewall settings, under Advanced button you can find “stealth mode”. Turn it on.

Stealth mode is available if you have firewall is turned on.

What does Turning on Firewall Stealth Mode?

Firewall app stop your Mac computer from responding when it gets queries from other systems. Still its allow outgoing information from your Mac computer.

Pros using firewall stealth mode

  • If you want to increase your Mac system security, you need to enable stealth mode. No one from outside easily can’t find that your connection exists.


  • Its make more difficult to troubleshoot network problems.
  • Most of the Mac users does not want to enable this feature. Because they want to share files on a network.

Don’t worry. Enabling”stealth mode” to make it more difficult for attackers to find your system.

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