How to Fix "Could not connect to Game Center server" error

Some times iOS users try to connect to Game center, it shows error message like “Could not connect to Game Center server”.

How to Fix this Game center connection error 

game center server error

First check Apple Game center system status . May be this problem might happened because of the server. If server is down, you can’t do anything. You need to wait until server problem solved.


Reset your device (iPhone or iPad). Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake button and Home button together for 10 seconds,until Apple logo appears.

If its not work then reset all setting using Settings -> General -> Reset All Settings.

Reset network settings using Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then you need to re-enter WiFi password again.

Note: In case if you have multiple Apple store accounts/ Apple ID’s, make sure you must logged into the same Store account/Apple ID’s in Settings -> iTunes & App Store.

If its not working Go to Settings -> Game Center . Tap your Apple ID and press sign out. Reset your iPhone or iPad and signing back again.

If you have any other solutions, do let us via comment.

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I tried the setting reset a while ago. Just now i tried the on/off and home buttons thing but it didnt work.

Fixing anything by having to go to Setting>General>Reset and all settings or Network Settings is a ridiculous solution. You lose every single wifi password you have ever stored. I am shocked at how far this company has fallen and how badly this technology now performs. I may be forced to go an Android device soon.

I having problem that can't log in to Game Center , it show (NSURLErrorDomain error – 1200)
Any1 can assist ??

I tryed both ways but this dosent work when I try to sign out it says unable to connect to server when my wifi is prefect and at three wifi bars and it dosent work I try every way on the Internet but it dosent work

Didn't work for me, but I just assumed apple and windows were racing to the bottom of the tech industry.

I'm getting rid of all my apple stuff, it's like everything has been for profit or something since Steve jobs died… Oh, wait… That's exactly what has been happening

my ipad is updated and even in my iphone 5 cant connect my 3 clash of clans accts..i did all of instructions i saw but still cant connect in server…pls help….thanks

Use wifi instead of cellular data. I was able to login to game center using wifi in a moment. Struggled logging into it for 2 hours when I was on cellular data. (PS: I prefer cellular data because it's 10x faster and I have an unlimited plan. Don't hate. Your question: Then why do I have cable internet? My answer: Because my cellular pan is not allowed for tethering/personal hotspot.)

I cannot sign out my id in game center, and i try to reset all settings and reset network settings still not work.

What if when you try to enter the actual Game Center app and it's just white screen. And when I go to the settings, it freezes when I click on the Game Cent.

It is unbelievable how long this game center bug has been going on!! I have not been able to access it since the 9.2 update and it is infuriating!! I am going back to android and never looking back! Apple acts like this problem doesn't exist and does nothing to help you but the same things you've already done to try to fix it yourself! So sad that they can't keep up with their own technology 🙁

i know, so annoying, haven't had Game Center on my iPhone 4s since iOS 9.1
its just, beyond me.

None of these methods work, I've also completely done a fresh install of iOS 9.3.1.
still, no luck

Guys,don't get discourage,i just wanna tell u guys that logging in the same Apple ID both in "iTunes & App Store" and "Game Center" worked for me,just try this one thing it may work for u guys as well …goodluck,thnkx

I did what Shani suggested and it worked! Use the same password for "iTunes & App Store" and "Game Center"! Thank you!

Agreed. This is a shit situation from a below par company. I wish there was an alternative , I'd go there.

All I had to do to get the Game Center to work was sign out and sign back in! Thanks for the suggestions! It got me thinking and I thought what the heck I'll try signing out and back in and it actually worked!

How to Fix "Could not connect to Game Center server" error

same problem … i have same passwords for id and password for i tunes, app store & game center
if i install i.o.s new version 9.3.3 will that work ?

Its now 2017 and this issue still remains. Even if I sign into iTunes and game enter at the same time with same idea. I've wasted hours trying to get it fixed. This is rediculous. How could it just change overnight? Has anyone heard anything about another method to fix it? I haven't been able to login to second game center account in a week!!

Having the same problem too. Been two weeks now and can't still log in to my Game Center. Very disgusting! Have the same password for iTunes and Game Center but still same pop up "can't communicate to helper server"

Having the same problem too. Been two weeks now and can't still log in to my Game Center. Very disgusting! Have the same password for iTunes and Game Center but still same pop up "can't communicate to helper server"

I tried both way but it didn't work, it says "COULD NOT CONNECT TO GAME CENTER SERVER" And also I can't upgrade my apple system too. It's too much frustrating. please help me fix this problem. Plzz help me!!

having the same problem! Don't know why. It started 2 days ago and I still can't get into Game Center, even though I've tried every suggestion! Hope this gets fixed SOON!!

Same problem just started yesterday out of no where, it’s rediculous to think that this is still a problem… Apple sucks big time!

I have tried every single fix on this page, none of them do a damn thing. As soon as i can I'm switching to Samsung, Apple support is useless.

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