50 Best Augmented Reality iPhone & iPad Apps

Augmented reality is one of the great technologies around. Here you can find 50 great augmented reality apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

1. Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

Useful app for Golf lovers to find augmented reality range. It have 40+k courses. It provide front, center and back of green distance and up to 40 points per hole.

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

2. Anatomy 4D

One of the best iPhone app for medical professionals, teachers and students to learn human anatomy with interactive 4D experience.

Anatomy 4D

3. Junaio

It is a advanced mobile augmented reality browser. You can easily find local events, offers, listings, nearest ATM and taxi or subway station with this browser app.

Junaio Augmented Reality Browser

4. DanKam : Color blind fix

Best augmented reality app for those who are suffering from color-blindness. It displays video from the camera (remixed ) so that it’s a lot easier for the color blind to see color difference.

Colorblind Fix

5. Blippar

Blipper is a image recognition app. Play exciting games, watch unique videos, 3D animation and take pictures via virtual photobooths.


6. SpyGlass

SpuGlass is a augmented reality GPS navigation app. You can save your current position, add points from maps, share locations and manually enter location coordinate.


7. Theodolite

You can use this app as a compass, GPS or map. This app is very useful for hiking, boating, hunting, golf and outdoor sports.


8. Augment

It allow you to visualize your 3D models in Augmented Reality in real time with actual size and environment.It allow you to add your own 3D models and custom trackers.


9. 8z Real Estate HomeSpotter

OLORADO and NORTHERN CALIFORNIA house hunting app. Search virtually all homes and properties to find homes near you with full details, photos and maps.

8z Real Estate HomeSpotter

10. iOnRoad

Improve your driving in real time. It uses iPhone camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle. It also alert when in danger.


11. Pocket Universe

Best astronomy app for ipad and  iPhone that lets you discover stars and planets in the sky.

Pocket Universe

12. Localscope

Find places, people and information around you via geo-tagged data from social networks, others apps and search engines.

13. Wikitude

Wikitude is a free app that Scan magazines, newspapers and ads. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

14. SketchWiz

Turn your iPhone or iPad camera into your personal sketch artist with SketchWiz.

15. Robotvision

One of the argument reality app for iPhone that allow you to explore your surroundings very effectively.

16. Peaks

This app is best one for outdoor adventure like climbing, hiking, biking and skiing. It shows information on mountains right on your iPhone.

17. Star Chart

Best educational based augmented reality astronomy app. It provide virtual star chart on your iPad and iPhone.

18. . SnapShop Showroom

Use this app to visualize furniture in your home.

19. Augmented Car Finder

Simple app to find where you have parked your car. One of the best app in the market.

20. AR Compass

This is a modern compass app. Best for camping,  travel and outdoor activities.

21. Wikitude

Scan magazines, newspaper ads etc. Best for agency campaign.

22. London Tube

No 1 selling app for getting around London. It includes official subway maps. it have bookmark manager that allow you to save routs and stations.

23. Geo Travel

Best app for travelers. It was like a travelers guide and provide information about cool places.

24. SunSeeker

This app provide augmented reality 3D view and showing solar path, hour intervals, solar direction etc.

25. Dishpointer

Point your iPhone towards the sky and find where the satellites are.

Augmented Reality Games

26. AR Basketball

Augmented reality basketball game. It has integration with social networks, auto save feature etc.

27. Sky Siege 3D 

Play game in virtual mode with real gun. It provide lot of features like Stereoscopic 3D, RC mode, retina HD and lot more.

28. AR Invaders

You can get new gaming experience with this app. Play game with real surroundings and fight in 360 mode. It have multi-player mode that allow you and your friends to build army.

29. AR Soccer

Augmented Reality Soccer Game.  Point your iO device camera at the ground and kick the virtual ball.

30. ARDefender – Play games in real world.


31. See Breeze 3D

Wind visualizer app. Find local wind and weather conditions with wind vector animations.  Also find up-to-date local and world weather station data.

32. Iron HUD

It provide camera visualization – Heads Up Display (HUD) like a Iron man.

33. myNav

Another one application for locating your parked bicycle, car etc. park tour vehicle and tag the location to trace back. This app have radar compass for directions snd GPU accuracy alert feature.

34. Aure

Custom augmented reality app to pin the location and add details.

35. Satellite Augmented Reality

Another app to find satellite location. it have 360 geosynchronous satellites list.

36. FirePower

This is a chaingun simulator app that allow you to turn your camera into a fume-spit and fire.

37. Quick Writer

This is a text editor app that allow you to watch things in front of you while typing.

38. Compass360

Compass application to find geographic directions with live camera preview.


Create epic and fun pictures and virtual things.

Also try some other Apps:-

40. Cyclopedia

41.New York Nearest Places

42. Panoramascope

43. Layar 

44. AR Defender 2

45. Ingress

46. buUuk

47. Heads Up Navigator

48. Nearest Wiki

49. Spot Crime

50. Nulaz AR Premium

If you knew any other augmented reality applications, do let us via comment.

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May I also suggest Augment-http://www.augmentedev.com/. Augment allows you to simulate 3D models of your products in the real environment in real time. It is great for doing everything from visualizing new product packaging to demoing the appearance of new appliances to creating interactive marketing brochures.

ZooKazam Brings Learning to Life with New Educational App
ZooKazam, the first augmented reality educational app that doesn’t require a printed marker, is now available worldwide for Apple and Android devices. With almost 100,000 downloads from successful demos with educational organizations and a pilot program with Zoo Atlanta, ZooKazam provides children, teachers and parents alike a new way to learn by bringing animals to life within their existing surroundings using realistic 3-D animation.

I want to know, which is the best app to includ videos, photo gallery, facebook&twitter&pinterest…icon, add contact, direct call,…??

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