28 Best Note Taking Apps for iPhone & iPad


Best Note Taking Apps for iPhone & iPad

In iOS, there are many apps are available for note-taking. Here you can learn some best note-taking apps for iPhone & iPad. Then, simply scroll down the page and look at it.

Evernote (Free)

Evernote is the best note-taking app for iOS devices. You can access your notes anywhere like Windows, Mac, and other smartphones like Android & Blackberry phones using the cloud.

Evernote Apps for iPhone
Microsoft OneNote (Free)

It is one of the best Evernote alternative apps. If you want to use this free application, you need a Microsoft account.

Notability ($2.99)

It allows you to write, record, sketch your notes. So you can record lectures and keep them as an audio track.

Drafts ($19.99)

It was like a personal recorder for notes. Easily send your text anywhere like mail, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive using this app.

TurboNote for Google Keep

It allows you to access Google Keep a note on your iPhone or iPad.

Turbo note for Google Keep
Simplenote (Free)

This is a simple app to keep your ideas, notes, list, etc. But you need to create one simple note account. It’s automatically backup your notes online.
Simple Note

Notefuly – Sticky notes & reminders

It provides a large collection of visual note styles and unlimited category folders. You can protect your notes by setting a password.

SuperNote (free)

You can take your notes with a finger or stylus pen, create voice recordings, add photos and drawings, set alert reminders, and transfer your notes to others using email or WiFi using this app.
Super note

Vesper ($7.99)

You can easily add ideas, notes, lists, and tag them. So you can easily sort your texts by tags. Keep your notes as an online backup using this app.

Awesome Note

The awesome app is the best one to keep your notes. You can add drawings, maps, and photos with your notes. It provides a lot of features like reminders, a diary, a calendar, to-do list. It allows you to sync and transfer your notes to Evernote and Google Drive.
Awesome Note

Letterspace (free)

It is a different note app that allows you to add hashtags, mentions. So you can easily find references.
Note by SwiftKey – Fastest way to take your notes using this app.

Note Taker ($1.99) – Take your note with your own handwriting. You can easily organize your page with this app.

Safe Note Classic – Setup self-protected passwords for your notes and filter them through recent, favorite and urgent notes.

Paper by FiftyThree– Finger-friendly sketch app that allows you to write, draw, sketch, color, and outline. But use styles.

If you are using styles, Noteshelf is the best app to take notes. Its have 20 notes templates, 17 digital inks, and 15 covers. Use your iPad Air like a blank piece of paper using this app.

AudioNote – Take your notes as text and audio. Then link them together.
Trunk Notes Personal Wiki – Create, format, link, and organize your own Wiki using the Trunk notes app.

NoteMaster ($3.99) – Create notes and sync with Google drive or dropbox. Create an amazing note with images, text, header, drawing, and photo.

iFlipr Flashcards – Flash-card note application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
iDiary – Create your notes for future reference. Very useful app to keep your ideas, trips, and plans. It allows you to export your notes as a file.

MemoNote -The best one for your personal memo application and it handles your notes and images.

all-in Notes ($4.99) – You don’t need to worry about your note’s security.

Springpad Flipnote – Set priority and reminders for your tasks.

Safe Note -It has a password-protected feature.

Take a Note – Another iPhone note app to create and record notes.

Notespark – You can access your iPhone or iPad notes via  notespark.com. Sync, tag, star, and share notes.

4Notes – Take and organize notes. Search theme in real-time.

Springpad – Create as many notebooks as you want, add alarms, voice reminders, products, recipes, and barcodes.

Guys, these are the best note-taking app for iOS users. I hope you will choose the best one in that. And if you have any doubts regarding this article, tell me in the comment section below. Thank you. Then keep supporting iPhonetopics.com.

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