Apple TV 4: How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, Promo Codes, Download Code

Learn how to redeem iTunes gift card, app download code, promo code in Apple TV 4.

New Apple TV 4the generation has App Store where you can download and purchase games, apps, video and music. You can’t directly enter download/gift code on your Apple TV. You need to enter the code on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or computer.

Use iPhone or iPad to enter the Gift card or Promo code

  1. Launch the App store on your iPhone or iPad.iOS App Store Icon
  2. Scroll down and press Redeem button, under the Featured tab.
  3. Sign in to your iTunes Store account.redeem promo code on iOS device
  4. Press “Use Camera” option to enter the code using picture or choose You can also enter your code manually” to type in code.
  5. If you entered download code, redeemed app will available for download in your Apple TV Appstore (under Purchased tab).

Use your Mac computer to Promo code

  1. Launch App store on your Mac computer.iOS App Store Icon
  2. Under Quick links option, press Redeem.
  3. Sign into your iTunes store account.
  4. Enter the Promo code.enter Apple TV promo code on Mac

Important note: You must enter Apple TV Download code using iPhone or iPad. Otherwise you will receive error message like “This code must be redeemed in the App Store found on devices and within iTunes.”

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