Best Tools to Check SSD Health on Mac

List of best Mac apps to check Mac Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini Solid State drive health.
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (free)
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

  • It will quickly measure and certify the disk.
  • It will write test data and display the result as performance and status of your
  • disk.
  • It will continue to test writes and reads from the disk to evaluate the readability
  • over the time.

Chameleon SSD Optimizer
Chameleon SSD Optimizer

  • It is an optimization tool for Solid State Drive on Mac system.
  • It enable TRIM functionality to non- Apple branded disks.
  • It increases the durability of disk by reducing I/O writing cycles.
  • It will set hibernate mode and disable the sleep image.
  • It is able read SATA system profile information and it allows you to easily check
  • the TRIM status.

DriveDx ($19.99)

  • It is an advanced drive health diagnostic and monitoring utility.
  • It not only monitor the S.M.A.R.T status but also analyse the changes of drive
  • health indicators related to SSD and HDD failures.
  • It gives alerts immediately if anything goes wrong.
  • It provides access to all sufficient drive diagnostic data.
  • It can display SSD lifetime left indicator and save driver’s health report.

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Trim Enabler
Trim Enabler

  • It will bring trim to any Solid State Drive.
  • It not only increases the data writing speeds but also increases the lifetime of
  • SSD.
  • It can monitor your disks and provide S.M.A.R.T monitor relevant statistics and
  • reports.
  • It reports about both Hard and Solid State Drivers.
  • It has inbuilt benchmark feature that will measure SSD or hard drive speeds
  • with Bench mark feature.


  • It provides comprehensive benchmarking solution.
  • It is useful not only for comparing the relative speeds of two different
  • Macintoshes, but also used for optimizing performance on a single machine.
  • It can compare thousands of submitted benchmarks by using its graphical side
  • by side comparison.
  • The SSD technology offer more reliable SSD’s with small maintenance.


  • It contains smartctl and smartd packages to control and monitor your hard disk.
  • It offers toll for real time monitoring of Hard disk.
  • It analyses and informs you about the potential disk degradation and failure.
  • Smartmontools supports ATA/ATAPI/ SATA-3 to 8 disks and tape devices.

Samsung Magician Software
Samsung Magician Software

  • It features simple, graphical indicators to show SSD health status and to indicate
  • Total Bytes Written .
  • It also determines SATA and AHCI compatibility and status.
  • It has bench marking feature that enables the user to test and compare the
  • performance and speed.
  • It has three different profiles like Maximum Performance, Maximum Capacity
  • and Maximum Reliability along with detailed descriptions of each OS setting.

Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox
Intel data migration software main

  • It is a drive management software that allows us to monitor the drive health and
  • its drive life.
  • It can run full diagnostic scan quickly to test the read and write functionality of
  • Intel SSD.
  • It can optimize the performance of an Intel SSD using Trim functionality and it
  • will update the firmware.
  • It supports Secure Erase of your secondary Intel SSD.
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It's great to see that others are taking care to create tools to check the health of the SSD of a Mac as well.
I am missing SSD Health Check in this list:
It not only delivers statistical data like unexpected power losses and failed read/write attempts, but also real time data like current temperature and more.
I highly recommend to give it a try, it is very detailed and really fast.

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