10 Best iPad File Managers

A File Manager is a program or software which provides user interface to organize files, folders and shares items across devices. To satisfy all your needs like creating folders, Dropbox, box.net, iCloud sync, editing files, sharing all type of files, a best file manager is very essential.
Looking for a File Manager for your Apple’s iPad? Then, you are in the right place. This complete guide helps you to choose the best iPad File Manager for all your needs.
1.DropBox (free)
DropBox for iPad
DropBox app is a best File Management tool which provides great features for storage. This allows your iOS to manage and share all the files and folders to the favorites star. You can able to use as much as storage space upto 2 GB (as basic plan). Dropbox file manager is an universal app for free on the App Store. You can take backup photos by using automatic Camara Upload feature.
2. File Manager Pro for iPad ($4.99 – pro version)
File Manager Pro
File manager pro app is to organize office files (like Word, Spreadsheet, presentations, PDF and more), documents, A/V type files. this lets you to create, edit and mark items in the file manager as favorites, compress and extract files. You can also print documents and share them through email or other app. Secure your documents by password protect. Download this pro version at $4.99 on App Store.
3. File Manager (Free + in-app purchase)
iPad File Manager App
File Manager has great qualities with free of cost which brings you lots of additional attributes like taking photos, creating test files, built-in search and allows the file sorting (by size, name, type). This app supports iTunes-USB sharing, muti-select file for moving, deleting, email sending, Bluetooth sharing and connects the device with cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive and Wi-Fi.
4. OneDrive File Manager (Free)
OneDrive for iPad
One Drive is an universal app for organizing and accessing your files. Get more online storage space for storing all type of items in your Mac device. You can also use extra tools like deleting, Moving, creating and searching files from any location. Receive up to 15GB for free, then buy 100 Gb or even up to 1TB plans with the monthly subscription and business plans from the store. It also offers automatic backup of files, folders, images, music, current downloads and settings. This will save tons bucks and offers more features.
5. Documents 5 – File Management Tool (Free)
Documents 5 iPad app
Superb file management tool for uploading and sharing your documents, images, videos, musics, texts is Documents 5 app. There are many great features and options like sync with iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox, and even more. This app is free on your App store. This app manages everything perfectly.
6. OYO File Managing Tool (Free)
OYO File Manager iPad App
Load more files in your iPad for free by using OYO File Manager. View our files either in grid or in list and save them in iCloud. This app is very easy to use to manage all your files and folders in Pc or Mac book. This is one of the best iPad file management tool at free of cost. Access the files using email, Bluetooth and also with the help of Wi-Fi.
7. iStorage 2 HD ($4.99)
iStorage 2 HD iPad App
This app is more helpful for the programmers to efficiently use the source code editor. It has the ability to handle Microsoft office, HD images, PDF files, txt files, A/V files and even more. Share the files with Mac and iOS devices quickly by using Wi-Fi or other internet connectivity. Transfer or share more files simultaneously to make work things at fast rate. Luckily this app allows you to use built-in browsers to access and store files via web from your iPad.
8. FileApp ($0.99)
FileApp Documents and Files Reader
FileApp contains bulk of features to store and organize several files and folders. Enjoy storing lots and lots of documents and files by having this app. This offers you to create, modify, print, share files like MS office files, iWork files, PDF and compressed files and more. Scan, print and share the files via Wi-Fi. Also protect the files and folders by password lock.
9.OrganiDoc HD ($4.99)
OrganiDoc HD iPad app
OrganiDoc HD app is a decent app which lets you to connect files, modify them, organizes everything in your iPad. This is fantastic interface, stable file manager, supports iCloud storage and sync makes the OrganiDoc HD app to stand out from the crowd. Most iPad users have this best file manager.
10. iFiles File Manager ($3.99)
iFiles File Manager for iPad
iFiles file management tool is all in one solution for all your needs. This sync with several cloud services and if you already use cloud storage then iFiles app is the best tool. This lets you to share files in bluetooth, email via Wi-Fi. iFiles app is really a powerful tool for the tasks to manage your projects. You can also use webpages, watch video, save those web pages and can watch it later.

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