How to record your iPhone phone calls on Mac

New OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 have a new feature called phone relay that allow your to take your iPhone calls on Mac as long as your both Apple devices are nearby and signed into the same iCloud account.
If you use Call Recorder for FaceTime, you can record your iPhone calls on Mac.
Don’t worry most of the place phone recording is legal. As per US law, you can record phone calls. But you need to inform the person on the opposite side.
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How to record your iPhone calls 
1. First download call recorder for FaceTime with this link. You can use their 7 day free trial or buy call recorder for FaceTime for $29.95.
2. After you downloaded that file, unzip it.
3. Double click the file names “Install Call Recorder for FaceTime”.
install call recorder for FaceTime
4. In Call Recorder for FaceTime installation process, click install button and then accept their license agreement. Also enter your Mac password.
5. Make sure check Handoff/Phone Relay working between your Mac computer and iPhone. It need to work.
Sign in both Apple devices with same iCloud account, enable Bluetooth and connect with same WiFi network.
6. Launch FaceTime app on your MacBook. It might ask you to configure settings.
7. After you configure its recording settings include an option to automatically record phone calls, place a call using contact list with FaceTime app. Also record incoming calls.
call recorder for FaceTime settings
8. If you are not enable Record Calls Automatically option, then hit the red record button to start recording phone call. Use stop button to stop recording.
Save FaceTime call
Your recording phone calls will located in Documents -> Saved Calls folder.
Also try similar recording software like Audio Hijack Pro which is record audio coming from software like FaceTime, Skype, iTunes etc.
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