How to Find Your iPhone or iPad IMEI and Carrier

If you want to unlock your iPhone and iPad, you need to know its network carrier. To unlock or activate your iPhone, you need to find your iPhone’s IMEI, then you can use your IMEI number to find the carrier details.
You can also find IMEI and carrier details for iPad (cellular version) too. Apple’s new iPad air works with lot of virtual carriers.
How to find your iPhone IMEI
6 ways you can find your iPhone IMEI number.
iPhone & iPad IMEI
1.If you want to find your iPhone IMEL, just go to Settings -> General -> About
Check IMEI settings
2. Open keypad. Type and enter the following number. *#06#
dial keypad
3. Turn around iPhone, You can find IMEI words engraved.
connect mac with itunes
4.  Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. If your computer and iTunes detect your iPhone, you can see all basic details about  your iPhone after clicking iPhone button on your iTunes.
iPhone Around IMEI
5. You can easily find your iPhone IMEI number on the iPhone box.
iphone box imei
6. Remove the SIM try to find IMEI and serial number.
Sim Slot IMEI
How to find carrier details 
Once you find IMEI number, then enter the IMEI in to find carrier details.
If your iPhone IMEI details not available, then use ESN in

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I bought a second hand iphone 5 the lady kindly gave me the user I'd and password to get into the phone and it said there is a new update so i decided to update it to IOS 8.1.3 now it will not accept the the applied and password. Can not do anything with the phone to activate as the lady says she can not remember I'd or password to set the phone. Can any one help

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