10 Best Power Banks for iPhone

Professionals and businessmen are subject to travel officially. Being an iPhone user, they have all their documents and conversation in their hand. When it comes to charging iPhones in travel it’s really a tough job to find for a place to charge. These power banks are essential for those who travel, campaign, tour often. There are reasonable collection of power bank portable charger that has good lifetime and recharge specification. Some of them are taken for discussion.
1.Photive power bank portable charger ($79.95) – Amazon : $19.95
Photive power bank portable charger
The Photive power bank chargers are also sleek and has blue light indication while charging. The battery capacity range is 3000mAh and output is 5v with 1A. The device is four inch long thus increased in its portability.
2. MaxBoost Electron Power Bank Portable Charger ($59.95) – Amazon : $19.99
MaxBoost Electron Power Bank portable charger
MaxBoost electron charger has digital display that shows the charging levels in percentage and uses the well known samsung battery that has 5600mAh capacity. The output is also increased with 2.1A which charges much faster than 1A. The device also features powerful emergency flashlight with it.
3. Vinsic-Tulip power bank for iPhone ($34.95) – Amazon: $12.95
Vinsic-Tulip power bank for iPhone
Vinsic Tulip power banks have attractive sleek design. Most power banks follow this unique design which can fit anywhere. It is about 4 inches long and has 3200mAh battery that charges the iPhone approximately 1.5 times. The output is 5v with 1 A and has only one USB output.
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4. RAVpower Power Bank Portable Charger for iPhone ($49.99) – Amazon : $12.99
RAVpower power bank portable charger for iPhone
RAVpower is a dual purpose device, which act as a portable charger for iPhone and also as a powerful 3 mode flashlight. With its unique cylindrical design it look likes a torch that charges iPhone 6. The battery capacity of it is about 3000mAh. The output is 5v with 1A.
5. Anker PowerCore Power Bank Portable Charger ($39.99)
Anker Powercore power bank portable charger
Anker power core has 20100 capacity battery and considered to be the slimmest with this Remarkable capacity. The device has 2.4A dual USB ports that charges iPhone quickly. The technology’s such as anker IQ and power boost detects the fastest charging speed of the specific device and charge them fast accordingly. The charger comes with durable micro USB cable, a mesh carry bag and 18 months warranty.
6. EasyAcc 2nd Gen Power Bank Portable Charger ($74.99) – $15.99
easyacc power bank
EasyAcc charger has four LED indicators at the top to denote the charging level. The battery capacity is 6400mAh and the output is 2.1A. It is a fast, portable that charges iPhone quickly. The device also act as a flashlight.
7. Choetech Flashlight Power Bank Portable Charger ($50.00) – Amazon : 23.99
Choetech flashlight power bank portable charger
Cheotech flashlight power bank has a LED flashlight that gives 250 lumens brightness and the battery capacity is 5200mAh. The charger has single USB port under the light with the output 2.1A. At the back it has stainless steel glass smashing hammer and a belt. The device is completely water proof for about 3 meters. The quick remedy for fast charging in travel.
8. Aukey Power Bank Portable Charger ($29.99)
Aukey power bank portable charger
Aukey power bank is with 20,000mAh battery capacity and has two USB ports with output 1 A and 2A respectively. The device has four blue LED indicators to specify the amount of power in the power bank. There is a built LED flashlight between the ports for using in low light. The device comes with micro USB charging cable, 18-months warranty and are available in two colors black and white.
9. RAVpower 9000mAh Power Bank with lightning connector portable charger ($149.99) – Amazon : $31.99
RAVpower 9000mAh power bank
RAVpower power bank has a inbuilt cable connection that is permanently attached lighting cable. The output given is 2.4A charge. There is 1 A USB port for charging. The battery capacity is 9000 mAh and the charger provides short circuit and overload protection to keep our iPhone safe.
10. Choetech 15,600mAh Power Bank Portable Charger ($60) – Amazon : $34.99
Choetech 15,600mAh power bank portable charger
Choetech power bank has a super sleek design with the battery capacity of 15,600 mAh. There are two USB ports for charging and has a four LED indicators in the front which can be used to check by pressing a button. We can charge power bank by using lightning or micro USB cable. There are built-in safety features like overheating, over current, over charging which is safe for charging.

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