How to fix: Bluetooth Devices Not Connecting to Mac OS X

Lot of Mac users reported this issue. Sometimes Magic Mouse or Apple Bluetooth keyboard not connecting to Mac computer. Mac users unable to pair and use their bluetooth devices to Mac OS X system.

Under Mac OS X menubar -> Bluetooth icon, both devices are reported as ‘connected’. But Magic Mouse failed to scroll and Bluetooth keyboard not responding.

Magic Mouse and Apple Bluetooth keyboard


  1. On you Mac computer, go to HD/Library/Preferences and delete file.
  2. Disable Bluetooth on Mac (Click the Bluetooth icon in Mac menu bar and choose “Turn off Bluetooth”.
  3. Unplug all in-put based USB devices like keyboard, mouse or Wacom tablets.
  4. Shutdown computer (not a restart).
  5. Turn off all Bluetooth devices.
  6. Turn on computer.
  7. Turn on Bluetooth devices.
  8. Now try to pair Bluetooth devices ( Press the Bluetooth icon in the Menu bar -> Set up Bluetooth Device -> Choose Bluetooth device ->Follow on-screen instructions. Ex : If you are try to connect Bluetooth keyboard, Press the “Enter/Return” button several times, after entering the passphrase shown on Mac screen.

Now your Bluetooth devices should connect to Macbook Pro/Air. iMac or Mac Mini.

Reason for this issue?

This issue mostly happened because of the software update. If you use MagicPrefs app, removing or uninstalling the app might help you to connect your Bluetooth device to computer.

  1. Close or quit the MagicPrefs app.
  2. Drag the from /Application/ folder to the Trash.
  3. Launch Preference panel. Right click on Magic Prefs and choose ‘Remove MagicPrefs Preference Panel.’ Do the same thing for the Magic Menu item in the Preferences panel.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “MacBook Pro bluetooth not connecting” problem, inform us via comment.

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