3 Best Image Viewer for Mac

Image Viewer helps to view images at a high speed. Here listed some of the best Image Viewer

Best Image Viewers


GIMP means GNU Image Manipulation Program. This Software is available for GNU/Linux, OSX, Windows and more Operating Systems. This viewer contained built-in tools for high-quality image manipulation.


Digital Retouching – GIMP contains advanced photo retouching techniques.

File Formats –  You can also compress the file size. Below figure describes the different file formats of GIMP.
file formats

2. iFotosoft
iFotosoft helps you to browse thousands of photos in a rapid way. It is the smart photo viewer with high quality. This viewer contains multiple photo viewing modes.

Full-screen mode – Helps to view photos in a zero-interface.

Library mode – browse the photos based on the each folder.

Thumbnail mode – to view all the photos very quickly.

Slideshow mode – helps to view photos in full screen.

EXIF mode – detail information about the camera, ISO etc.


  1. Easily access all the photos within the one folder.
  2. You share the photos online by connecting to Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. At a time we can rename, resize or convert photos.
  4. Through Email or AirDrop share your photos to family or friends.
  5. Just with one click, you can set your favorite photo as desktop picture.
  6. Convert your photo to other photo file formats like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

3. Sequential
Sequential is a free open source program.  This viewer is very convenient for browsing directories full of pictures. It allows you to open multiple folders in one Sequential window. It supports for the following file formats ZIP, RAR, CBZ, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and also loads images from URLs.

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