Must Needed Apps For Your iPhone-2024

Are you guys new to the iPhone or you don’t have any idea which app is useful for your iPhone? There are so many apps available in the market. But selecting the right one is most important. An iPhone plays a role as our Personal Assistant. So we have all types of information like Weather, Fitness tracking, Podcasting, Food delivery, Photo editing, etc. Here in this article, we are gonna list the very popular and most needed apps for your iPhone. Are you guys curious about it? Then why are waiting, let’s scroll below and check what is in that? 

Best Free Apps for iPhone

People are commonly using Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Spotify, and much more. But here we're gonna see something new which you must need. 

Food Journal App

Nutrients ($4.99)

Nutrients App is compatible with iOS 13.0 and the latest versions. This is one of the best App for Nutrition, which contains nutritional information about all of the foods. It is a free app anyone can download. Moreover, it is an offline app that contains nearly 200,000 foods, we can search offline mode. From this app, we can easily know about food’s nutrition details. For instance, how much sugar is in Mango? how many calories are in Tuber? which gives complete nutrition details like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fat, fatty acid, sugar, and other compounds. Nutrients App is truly an amazing app, therefore, diabetics should have this app for food intake. Also, it’s a useful app for Athletes for their fitness.


Fertility and ovulation calendar App

Clue Period & Clue Tracker (Free) 

Clue Period & Clue Tracker App is compatible with iOS 12.0 and the latest versions. The app is mostly used for women. It is one of the best & accurate apps for remembering your periods. By using this app, You can track your periods and will predict how your menstrual cycle affects your mind and body by using Science and data. From period to pregnancy tracking, whether you want to set reminders to take birth control or get ovulation day notifications, or discover your body’s unique patterns, an app helps you to stay informed and make empowered health choices.

Clue periods & Clue Tracker

Streaming Radio and Podcast App

Pandora: Music & Podcasts(Free) 

Pandora App is compatible with iOS 13.0 and the latest versions. Take Pandora with you wherever you go out, enjoy your trip with Pandora, it contains lots and lots of music or podcasts. With your voice command, you can play, pause, skip, adjust the volume of the music. If you want to find new music just tab your search button and search for it. Music makes your mind free, happy so hear the music and enjoy the free time, long trip, and loneliness with Pandora.


Online Food Delivery App


Grubhub App is compatible with iOS 11.0 and the latest versions. Grubhub app delivers your food at your Door. You don’t need to go out to a restaurant, from your seat you can order your food as you like to eat. Sometimes we have laziness on cooking when you can order your favorite food at your home and they deliver it to your door.  Moreover, the app offers on-time delivery, multiple payment options, a variety of food options, unlimited free delivery.



Business Communication App


Slack App is compatible with iOS 13.0 and the latest versions. It is a Business communication channel between the team members. You can create your profile freely. Here, We can share your messages, pictures, documents, and post messages to team members. Within your team, you can make a call or message. Moreover, Slack is an encrypted one so we can share sensitive data. Therefore, we can share something funny with Co-workers.   


Photo Editing App


Meitu App is compatible with iOS 11.0 and the latest versions. We can say, edit anything with one amazing app. There are so many photo effects, so we can develop one attractive picture of us. In addition, you can edit a video here. Using this app, we can filter an image and make a cinematic effect on a photo. Before post, a picture on your social media page just come to the app and edit your picture here.


Entertainment App


JustWatch App is compatible with iOS 11.0 and the latest versions. JustWatch is a search engine for social media, where we can watch movies and TV shows. Once you decide what you are looking for, simply click and it will link directly to that service. If you know the director’s name by just entering the name on the search bar, it will show a list of movies of the director. By using this app, if you have missed any TV shows, you can watch them here. Therefore, you can watch a newly released movie with friends and family.


Flight and Hotel Deals App


Hopper App is compatible with iOS 13.0 and the latest versions. If you are planning to travel, all of us consider the budget and weather conditions of the place. The app, that tells you the information about flights, hotels, cars, and also which is the best time to go to the place. Moreover, this app predicts if the price and future discounts will go up or down. App has flexible and refundable ticket options.


Fitness App

7 Minute Workout(Free) 

7 Minute Workout is compatible with iOS 10.0 and the latest versions. It is the best Exercising App. The app contains a clear explanation of the exercise. Who hasn’t knowledge about Exercise can start from here because for a beginner  7-minute exercise is enough. Usually, exercise is used to build our body more healthy and stronger. Most importantly, exercise brings perfect shapes to our bodies & maintains our health too.

7 Minute Workout

Breaking News App

The New York Times(Free) 

The New York Times App is compatible with iOS 13.0 and the latest versions. It is one of the best Mobile Newspaper apps. Moreover, the  App contains information about sports, politics, and new technologies that happened in our world. From this app,  update our knowledge up to date through mobile. No need to spend money on Newspapers, just sign in and see what happened in our place.


In Conclusion, plenty of apps are there in the App Store, it’s useful for our day-to-day life.  Above all, are the best apps for the specific category. I hope the apps are useful for new iPhone users. If you have any queries or suggestions let me know through the comment section. Thank you for reading and Don’t forget to check out the latest articles on

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