Best Way to monitor your child’s iPhone using KidsGuard Pro

Best Way to monitor your child's iPhone using KidsGuard Pro

In recent years, children have spent more time on their mobile phones. Some of them use their phones for schoolwork, while others use their phones for fun with friends or on social media. However, many children are now addicted to their phones.

As we all know, it is harmful to parents. Because being a parent is the most difficult role for everyone. However, we must monitor the child's activities in order to raise decent people. So, in this article, you'll learn about the best apps for monitoring your child.

Best KidsGuard Pro Feature for iPhone

KidsGuard Pro for iOS includes over 20 cool features that allow parents to keep an eye on their children. Let's take a look at some of its features.

  • Monitor your Children’s Social App usage: Parents can monitor their children's “how they use their social media like Whatsapp, WeChat, even sending emojis and files, etc.”
  • Keep an eye on your children's Messages Activity: Read all sent and received messages, even if they have been deleted.
  • Track their Phone Calls: All incoming and outgoing calls can be tracked. And can collect the smallest of details such as names, timestamps, and call duration.
  • Start Examining your child’s Media Files: You can view any type of multimedia file on the target iPhone, including videos, voice memos, and photos, among other things.
  • View your child’s Reminder/Calendar/Notes Files: View the content added to the monitored iPhone or iPad's Reminders, Calendars, and Notes.
  • Check Your Child’s Safari History and Bookmarks: Check and even bookmark the target that the user has visited and is interested in.

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How to Monitor the child's iPhone on KidsGuard Pro App

You can use KidsGuard Pro to monitor your child's iPhone without having to jailbreak it. Let's get this party started.

Step 1: Sign-Up the Email Account:  First register your email account on and select the subscription plan.

Register the email in cluguard

Step 2: Download and install: Go to the Product page and select the Setup guide option.

Setup guide with kidsGuard Pro


After that download and install the KidsGuard app on the target Computer/Mac by using

Download and install the kidsGuard Pro

Step 3: Scan the iPhone data with or without WiFi: It will automatically scan and display the existing backups of the target device. Now you want to select the files, which one to view and track on the child device.

Scan the iPhone data using KidsGuard Pro

Step 4: Start monitoring the child's device: Once it is done. It’s time to keep an eye on your child's device.

How to Monitor the child iPhone with Apple ID

It’s yet another simple way to keep an eye on your child’s iPhone. It is more convenient to use rather than monitor with the help of an app. Here we need some Physical access and an internet connection and access to the iCloud data of the target phone.

If you guys would be thinking about how it is possible to track a phone with Apple ID. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Step 1: Access Apple ID: In this, you need to get the Apple ID (or iCloud) information of the iPhone of the target device.

Step 2: Log in to iCloud: Visit on your iOS device by using your Apple ID and password, then log in to iCloud.

You can also merge files to some devices. After you've “merged,” go ahead and select the folder that you want to keep an eye on.

For instance, you want to spy on messages, open Settings, and enable iMessage in the messages icon. You will need to enter the password and Apple ID of the targeted device once again. After enabling the iMessage.

Step 3: Sign in: After completing the initial steps, you can sign in and log into the target user account. You can view their texts, conversations, emails in detail, shared photos, and other visited websites, etc.

I hope you've learned about the kidsGuard app in this article. Don’t delay, get ready to download the KidsGuard app and keep an eye on the child's device. Thank you…

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