Fix: Youtube videos not playing in background on iOS device

YouTube is meant for watching videos either for entertainment or for learning. At times we used to open some other apps while watching videos on Youtube. The problem is the videos goes blank or stops playing in the background. This is because of the iOS latest version. Here are some fixes for the issues that caused while playing videos in the background.
Note: You have to subscribe to YouTube Red to make your songs play in the background.

Solution 1: Persistent overlay
While using other apps you can make your videos to persistent overlay mode, so that the videos will be playing at the corner of your screen.

Note: This may not work in iOS 10.1.1.
Solution 2: Change Safari session to private session

  1. Open Safari and navigate to
  2. Select the video that has to be played in the background.
  3. Convert Safari browser session to a private session.
  4. Click on the icon on the right corner and select private.
  5. Check private session is ON. If it is ON, the video will play in the private session.
  6. Access your control center by coming out of Safari once after the video starts playing.

Solution 3: Delete the browser history
If Safari cannot open the video in private mode from YouTube clear browser history from Safari by following the below steps:
clear history and website data

  1. Settings -> Safari -> Delete History and Website Data.
  2. Restart your phone after deleting Safari history and try to play videos from YouTube in Private Safari session.


  1. You can download Firefox browser and play YouTube in the browser.
  2. You just restart your device.

Copy the link and put that in messenger app. This will play your videos in the background.
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Solution 4: Hit play on the lock screen

  1. First, open a new tab in Safari and search YouTube website in Google.
  2. Search and play the video in fullscreen.
  3. Turn off home button.
  4. Hit play on the lock screen.


  1. Open YouTube in Safari and change the settings to desktop mode.
  2. Dolphin browser helps to solve your problem.
  3. Download YouTube player for the App store.

Solution 5: Sign out from YouTube account

  1. Open YouTube on Safari.
  2. Click three dots on the top-right side to change the mode to the desktop.
  3. Sign Out from YouTube account.
  4. Again load YouTube, now you are a guest.
  5. Search for the video that you want.
  6. Click play and then pause the video and go to some other app.
  7. Go to control panel/ control center and play the video.
  8. Finally, the video plays in the background.

Note: Switch desktop mode to mobile mode and vice-versa. This may give a fix to your issue.
Solution 6: Turn off JavaScript

  1. Play a video in fullscreen.
  2. Open advanced Safari settings by going to Settings->Safari->Advanced.
  3. Turn off JavaScript and make sure the video is playing.
  4. If not Turn ON JavaScript and follow the procedure given above.
  5. At last, go to control center and play the video.

The above solutions may help you to solve your issues. If you have some other solutions please leave in the comment area.

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