How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone & iPad using Download 5 App

Download 5 is a free file management app that allows you to download Youtube videos. Here I am going to tell you how to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone & iPad using Download 5 App.
Step 1: Download Document 5 App
Go to App Store on your iOS device.
Search for “Document 5”. And then install the app (Document 5).
Open the app and click a bottom right icon (browser icon) which looks like a safari icon (a compass). You can see a web browser where you can search for “”. You have to search it without quote marks.
Tap “Download YouTube videos” link in the search results.document 5
Step 2: Go to YouTube
Get the URL address of the YouTube video which you want to download.
To get URL address,
Go to YouTube app on your iPad or iPhone. Search the video that you want. Click on the video to display the controls while it is playing.
Tap the share icon. Now you can tap “Copy Link”.
After that, go back to document 5 app. And then click in the white box to select it. Tap once again to get the paste option. Tap “paste option”. Paste the URL that you copied from the YouTube app.go youtube
Step 3: Download
Tap on the green tick to show the quality of the video. Select the quality that you prefer. Tap “Download” (in the green box). If you want, you can rename the video.
Tap “Done”. Then the video will download. When you download YouTube videos, do it through WiFi. Because downloading videos will finish your data (3G or 4G) allowance quality
Step 4: Move the video
The downloaded video will appear in the download section of the Document 5 app.
You can save this video on your iPad’s and iPhone’s Camera App or Photos App (Camera Roll).
To save the video,
Press and hold on the video and drag it up until the folder list appears.
Stay holding and drag it into photos and then into Camera Roll. Unfortunately, you can’t save the video in the native video app.
Now launch the Photos App and watch the video.
move video
I hope that this post will help you to download how to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone & iPad directly.

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