Fix “Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed For assistance, contact iTunes Support at” -in App Purchase

I tried to purchase a game on my iPhone. But suddenly a pop-up box appears with the sentence “Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed For assistance, contact iTunes Support at”. I don’t why. One of my friend said some solutions to solve this issue. If you have the same problem, this article will help you to fix it.
itunes error

Before trying these solutions make sure that,

  1. Make sure that you have updated your iTunes to the latest version.
  2. Make sure that you have enough money on your iTunes Account/Credit Card.

Solution 1: Restart your iOS device
If you have any problem with both software/hardware on your iOS device, restart will solve this problem.
Because most of the time restart itself will fix the problem.
Solution 2: Sign Out and Sign In to iTunes

  1. Launch Settings->iTunes & App Store->Apple ID.
  2. Tap “Sign Out” in the pop-up.
  3. Then Sign In to iTunes.

Solution 3:  Enable restrictions for “iTunes Store” and “In-App Purchases”

  1. Open Settings->General->Restrictions.
  2. Make sure that restrictions is turned on for “iTunes Store” and “In-App Purchases”.

Solution 4: Contact Apple Support

  1. Go to
  2. Give a tap on your country’s flag.
  3. Tap “Contact Support” at the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap “Get Help” under Talk To Us.
  5. Select an iOS device that you have a problem with.
  6. You can see a search box under “what is happening with your iOS Device(iPhone/iPad/Mac…)?” or you will be given many options to select your problem under the search box.
  7. Enter your problem in the search box or select any one of the given options.
  8. You will be asked a question “How would you like get help?” with options.
  9. You can call or chat to contact Apple Support.

Other Solutions:

  1. Download an app from App Store.
  2. Restore your iOS device to Factory Settings.

If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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