How to Fix "Your Apple ID has been Disabled" – iPhone, iPad

When Apple users try to update their Apps, they getting error message like “Your apple id has been disabled”.
Your Apple ID has beed disabled
Solution 1: Apple might disable your Apple ID, contact iTunes Support
Sometimes Apple disable your apple ID to protect against fraudulent activities. If you pay iTunes charges using credit card, sometimes this kind of issue might happened.

  1. From your browser (use Mac or windows browser like chrome or safari) navigate to
  2. Choose See all products and services.
  3. Press the big iTunes icon.
  4. Press iTunes Store.
  5. Press Account Management.
  6. On the left hand side, press Apple ID account Security.
  7. Type the message about  your apple id has been disabled.
  8. Press Continue.
  9. Choose United States (choose your country like Canada or other one).
  10. When you see the message “How would you like to get help?” select support option for your issue. Press Talk to Apple Support Now.
  11. Enter phone number and Apple ID and press Continue.
  12. When you see the message “Talk to Apple Support Now”, click it.
  13. Give your number and Apple support will call you in 2 minute or less.

If you got call from Apple Support, you need to answer 3 security questions. The operator  will submit a ticket to the iTunes Support /iTunes Security department. Some minutes later, they will tell you issues is solved.
Or directly call 1-800-275-2273(United States iTunes support) and told about your issue. They will fix your problem.
Solution 2: Change Apple ID password
“Apple ID Disabled” and “Apple ID Disabled for Security Reasons” is a two different error message. If you getting “Apple ID Disabled for Security Reasons” error message, resetting password might help you to solve the problem.

  1. Navigate to
  2. First enter your Apple ID which one you use to download apps.
  3. Click Next button.
  4. Next select reset your password by either  answering security questions or email authentication. If you select email authentication, email will send to mail email address associated with Apple ID.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “Your Apple ID has been Disabled” error, inform us via comment.

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My apps are disabled and I can't fix….please help…it says " Apple ID is disabled". I've changed password, I have updated I-tunes with new credit card! It still says "Apple ID disabled". Please, please help!

Go to the Sprint or T-mobile, Etc and they will help you you don't have to do what his forum advises. It happens because you used up to 200 dollars on the account, it happens. :))

The same thing happened to me except I never buy anything with Apple it is a new iPod touch 5 and I have new email, new Apple ID and even a new iPod.

My name:- Romeo
Position:- Programmer
Do i Hack:- lol
Ok here is how i fixed mine:-
Story: – i declined some of the purchases (168$ in 5 minutes ) which went thru without my knowledge. I contacted my bank and stopped my credit card. After 15/20 days alter, today, i saw this error on my phone when i tried to update an app "Your Apple id has been disabled". you need to NOTE that it is not saying For security purposes.
Approaches:- i have tried to reset my password logged in and tried again to update the app i already had in my phone and the error popped up again "Your Apple id has been disabled". ERRRR. Then I tried to log out from all devices i was logged in, signed in again and the same error popped up. i know it is crazy right. everything seems crazy until u know it is not
Solution:- The last option i had was to call Apple which i hate a lot calling for support especially when you know what's going on and the person in the other end of the line doesn't know any clue about it. But that was not my last option. my last option was to change anoother Apple ID. Owwww that was easy. lol ya it is but i tried my slim chance to revive my old one. here is what i did…
1) Go to Setting
2) Go to iTunes & App Store
3) Clicked on the Apple ID and selected the Signed out ooption
4) I signed in again
( now it asks me to put all my information before i started to purchase ) … this means i had to put a valid credit card info on all required fields which i did
5) i went to app store to see if that fixed it. here it came the surprise with full of smiley face……………….It worked. I can download and update my apps again.
This is the fix i did for the error "Your Apple id has been disabled"…..
Enjoy… i hope it will fix yours too. let me know ….

Hello Romeo,
I tried the way you described here; one thing – when i signed out from Apple ID – and signed IN again – it only ask my password and I did that; and it did not ask me all other payment information and all; Than i tried to update one of my application and getting same error – Your Apple ID has been disabled.

Unfortunately, your story's end doesn't work with mine! .. yours is happy-end but mine is still "Your Apple ID has been disabled"-end.

By the way Romeo, I totally agree with your point:
"The last option i had was to call Apple which i hate a lot calling for support especially when you know what's going on and the person in the other end of the line doesn't know any clue about it."

This did not work AT ALL I tryed once, didnt work, than tryed four more times and didn't work any time I did it please help!!

I just got an iPhone and had the "Your Apple ID has been Disabled" issue. I previously used iTunes (multiple years ago) with PayPal as my method of payment, and a couple years ago I had a fraudulent charge in PayPal. I disputed the charge through PayPal and I haven't used iTunes or my Apple ID since then.
Fast forward 3 years to my first iPhone, and here comes the "Your Apple ID has been Disabled" issue the first time I attempt to download an app on my new iphone. I had to call Apple and they looked back into my account and found that my ID had been disabled because of those disputed charges. I explained that the charges were fraudulent, and after discussing with the agent, she was willing to re-enable my Apple ID.
I was then able to sign in to iTunes & Apps (through Settings), but it was still taking issue with the fact that I apparently still have PayPal associated with my iTunes account. It then asked me to go into iTunes on a desktop computer and verify my payment information. I tried doing this in the iTunes site, but that still didn't fix it. In fact, there was no option to manage PayPal for payments there on the site. Need to go into iTunes PROGRAM and change it within the program, not just on the site.

Just fixed the issue with Apple Support. If you contact them, explain the issue. Ken from Support told me it was an issue with iTunes and they could easily reset it.


Nope. Did all that before you even commented. No dice. Make sure this actually works next time you blindly believe it…

The same as my ipad, I can't open my ipad because Apple ID disabled for security reason. 2nd problem is" the Apple ID I use is not mine,, because it is 2nd hand..pls help

I followed your instructions and was talking to an iTunes support rep within 2 minutes. My account was unlocked a couple of minutes later. Thanks for the very clear easy to follow instructions!

when iam entering i.d according to solution 2, it replys that it is not apple i.d. Although my mobile is registered on this address.

I consider myself well versed in technology, as I work with Servers and Hosting on an everyday basis, so when it came to iTunes, I was sure I'd find a way to fix it… however, at the end of the day, the best thing is to actually contact Apple Support in regards to the matter. You'll save yourself (more of) a headache.
Without the 'for security reasons' added to the end of the the 'Your Apple ID is Disabled', the chances are it's highly likely an issue with some type of billing issue, whether you think it would be or not.

My iPhone 5 is under find my phone and at that time I made I cloud account and I update the software from 7 to 8 at that time still remember my Id and password but can not open it
Here is I forgot my email and Id with password and need active still can not

I was Facebook,,,,I was gonna comment on something when I klicked done ,,,it locked my face book up,,,,tried uninstall..told my my Apple ID has disabled…how do you fix this

been on hold with apple for 30 minutes… listening to to this god awful hold music. An agent comes, can't help, maybe the iTunes store can help, do you mind holding around 10 minutes?
Well, you already ruined my night with this garbage.

it didn't work for me..i am still getting the same "Apple ID has been disabled" message.
i change my new apple id and pass word but still the same issue. please help. i have 20 apps to update.

i have 30 that i need to update. ive changed my password amd called apple about 5 times and its still not working.

I just bought a iphone 7 has fail too many time about the disabled and i can't even get in my app. It always say your apple ID been disabled for how many time, so i think i am getting sick of apple iphone is going to be a huge problem for everyone phones and i am sick of it to go to apple store in the mall all these worker don't do shit. Apple company just want your money that all, So i am going to give up apple they are thief i really hate iphone brand.

my ipod says "AppleID Has Been Disabled" ive changed my passward and called Apple but nothing is working it still says its been disabled, i want to order new music and update my apps but i cant. is there any way you can help?

call the technical support for your country, just finished with this and everything works
I'm from croatia

Unfortunately, I tried many methods for getting back my Apple ID to its normal condition. Those ways are:
A) Changed password. (mentioned above)
B) Turned off Two-Way-Authentication. (getting back to Security Questions)
C) Changed the email address which is located to my Apple ID. (also changed the Rescue Email Address)
D) Added a Credit Card (CC) to my Apple ID and tried to purchase an App..
E) Tried to delete my Apple ID and re-created it. (recently I realized its not possible to delete your Apple ID!)
After all of this, I GOT MAD OF APPLE!! and the stupid procedures. However, my final solution is to create a new Apple ID and deal with it. Fortunately, I didn't pay any cent with my previous Apps. Hooray.
If you reached this line then you deserved a tricky hint for the future, try to create an Apple ID with a secure email providers. Such as,, and etc..

Well am not proud if this but I bought some stuff of my dads card he called the bank and I thought 💭 they would ban it and they did thats if its bank related so if you tried to get a refund that's what happens

I called apple support, and after trying EVERYTHING including deleting ALL my apps, they told me "wait 48 hours". Do you think that is acceptable?

People! Just call them. Its waaaay easier. Dont even bother trying to fix it on your own. And dont change your password it's unnecessary… they said its a maintenance issue most of the time. So just call them.

I agree with many of the comments that suggest you just call Apple Support. Wait on the line for a customer service person and tell them that you need you User ID enabled. They will ask you the security questions you answered when you set up your account and wa-la, your back in business. No need to create a new account or change your password.

I disabled my iPod 2 years ago and now it is up and running but I can’t even get the Apple ID right and that is what I am trying to figure out I hope one day I will get it and that is what is wrong with my electronic

My apps are disabled and I can't fix….please help…it says " Apple ID is disabled". I've changed password, I have updated I-tunes with new credit card! It still says "Apple ID disabled". Please, please help!

Mine does not work pls I need the ID DISSABLED to go away. It has been 5 months and still nothing I only can wach vids and only play 4 games.😥😭😢

iPhone is actually the ******* worst so don’t buy it people cause your bout to get shrecked. Rather use android or company’s that aren’t like apple

Bless you. Call Support. That was they key. They even confirmed for me that when it gets locked with this particular message, it's related to payment, and that can only be resolved by calling. The support person was very helpful and informative and indicated she's heard of people who'd had their ID locked for as much as 8 months since they didn't know what to do.
I suggested they might make this case more clear in their official support article at

Anyone who has had "Apple ID Disabled", while trying to download from the apple store, you need to contact apple support. They will put you in touch with an ITunes representative who will unlock your account. I just had mine done, very easy and painless.

Apple support fixed it. just like Jane Gillman said.
There are many reasons your Apple ID can be disabled…mine was a security reason. Best to let them handle it! Canada 1 800 263 3394

I don’t like that I must trust apple with my credit card info In order to have an Apple ID. I already bought the product and they need my credit card to operate that product.?

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