Fixed: Xbox one won't power on

Suddenly, Xbox one won’t turn on when I press the Power button. It beeps and makes noise but no power gets to it. Tried several methods of changing the power bricks but nothing works. Try the below suggestions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Check your Xbox display

  1. Check your HDMI connection.
  2. Try to change cables or ports on your TV.
  3. There is a problem in the working display if the Xbox light turns on in the front of the console.

Solution 2: Check the Connection between the panel
Electronic flex board in Xbox one helps to connect the front panel and the front panel board. Check whether the connection is secure.
Solution 3: Put your Xbox one in Sleep Mode
Press and hold the power touch plate/button for about 30 seconds, to turn it back on.
Solution 4: Check the wirescheck-wire
The wire that connects at the back of the Xbox one contains two holes for input. There are two pins which are inserted into the Xbox One. In that, one pin was bent. Take a knife and made a pin straight. The Xbox one now turns on.
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