Xbox 360 Open Tray Error? Here's how to fix it

When I insert a game, Xbox 360 won’t read a disc and says “Open tray” error. Cleaning the cache does not fix the issue.
Solution 1: Force the tray

  1. Remove the game disk from the machine and turn it off.
  2. Open the Disk tray and turn on the machine.
  3. Force the disc tray back in (physically).
  4. For a few seconds, disk tray should stop ajar and continues to retract the disk tray.
  5. Reboot the Xbox device.force-tray

Note: This issue mostly happened because drive controller gets into a tizzy and does not understand laser is wrongly calibrated. Forcing disk to perform a self-check and fix the issue.
Solution 2: If your device out of warranty
If your Xbox not under warranty performs the following steps.
Remove the dust inside the disk drive. Open Disk drive and clean the laser with Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.warranty-img
Solution 3: Permanent fix
Listed below some of the permanent fixes to resolve the problem.

  1. Dusty Xbox will make noise. So, use CleanDr x disc to clean the dust.
  2. Replace lens.
  3. Remove any disks.
  4. Open Xbox to readjust the lens.

Solution 4: Short-term fix

  1. Frequently, open/close tray until game works.
  2. Click on the Xbox at the time of reading.
  3. Place your Xbox horizontal/vertical to remove the dust.
  4. Take your Xbox to the Microsoft for repair. Now, the problem gets solved.

Solution 5: Adjust the laser height

  1. Take away the Xbox and remove the DVD room.
  2. There are two tiny screws on the side of the laser unit.
  3. One screw helps to adjust the height of the laser to get the exact position.

Solution 6: Open and Close Xbox

  1. Hold down and open the disc tray.
  2. Then, close your Xbox.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Now, open your Xbox and put the disc in the tray and start to play your game.
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