How to Fix Xbox 360 Disk Tray Stuck, Won’t Open

One of the common issue found in the Xbox 360 is suddenly disk tray stuck and won’t open.…

One of the common issue found in the Xbox 360 is suddenly disk tray stuck and won’t open. When I hit the disc tray and now it stuck half open and closed.
Solution 1: Open and Close trayfir-img

  1. Find the tab on the left side of the tray.
  2. Use a pen to lift the tab and pull the tray out.
  3. Switch on the Xbox 360 and click the eject button.
  4. Insert the tray back in.
  5. Open and close the tray for few seconds to check the disk tray works properly.

Solution 2: Manually ejecting the XBOX E console( also XBOX S console)manually-eject

  1. Disable the power cable and cords connected to the console.
  2. Remove the coil from a large paper clip.
  3. Like the DVD player place the console horizontally.
  4. Search for the eject hole, behind the vents of the console.
  5. Paperclip should be inserted straightly into the eject hole.
  6. Disk tray pops out slightly and uses your hands to pull it out.

Note: The disc should be kept horizontally, bcoz when you place it vertically the disc, leans to the right and blocks the ejection.
Solution 3: Manually ejecting the XBOX 360 Seject-xbox

  1. Disconnect the Power and cables on your console.
  2. Search for the two holes below the disk drive(left side) and insert the paperclip into the hole.
  3. Push the paper clip until you find the gear mechanism shows some resistance.
  4. The disk drive pops out slightly
  5. If the device doesn’t respond, insert the paperclip into the adjacent hole(right side).
  6. Connect the power cord to the console.

Solution 4: Hold the eject button.hold-eject

  1. Press the eject button.
  2. Pull up the tray, when the device is trying to eject.
  3. Hold the button for a long time and repeat the process.

Solution 5: Removal of dust

  1. Remove the metal case using screwdrivers.
  2. Use a thin material(paper clip) to open the disk tray.
  3. Take out the rubber drive belt connecting the motor to the gears.
  4. Clean these parts finely with soap or hot water or a nice sponge and grease the drive.
  5. Rearrange the parts.

Solution 6: Switch on your XBOXswitch-xbox

  1. Insert a paperclip into the tray.
  2. Switch your XBOX ON and OFF.
  3. Finally, the disk tray will open.

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