Apple Wireless keyboard won't connect, fix

Apple wireless keyboard not connecting after changing batteries. Under Bluetooth preferences, it listed as a paired device. But “Connection” option fails.
So how to fix this issue?

  1. Navigate to System Preferences -> Bluetooth. Press the (-) sign button to delete keyboard from the list of devices. (Alternatively you can delete file in /Library/Preferences. But its not necessary if the keyboard is the only issue. Deleting .plist file is restart all Bluetooth devices and force them to reconnect.
  2. Take all batteries out of the keyboard and reinsert them. But do not power on your keyboard yet. This will put your Apple keyboard in discovery mode the next time its switched on.
  3. Under Bluetooth preferences, click the + button to add a new device.
  4. When the Bluetooth Setup Assistant wizard is displayed, press and hold power button on the keyboard (do not release it). Now your wireless keyboard should appear in the list of devices.
  5. Click “Continue”. Keep press Power button while hitting “continue’.  The setup assistant will give you an 8 digit passcode. Keep press Power button until you see the screen to enter the the passcode.
  6. Now release Power button and enter the password.
  7. Click return. The keyboard is now paired.
  8. Navigate back to the  Bluetooth preferences and choose keyboard in the device list.
  9. Click the gear icon and choose “Update Services”.

That’s all.

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Bluetooth preferences on my Macbook Pro (10.10.5) doesn't feature the +/- buttons or a "continue" option. The device (keyboard) shows up, but when I click "pair" it tries for a bit then says "pairing unsuccessful."

Thank you! It did the trick on my Macbook Pro (Late 2012) running macOS Catalina (10.15.1)

There are no +/- buttons and no gear icon, so I was not able to update the services, but at least the keyboard is now paired!

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