iPhone & iPad: WiFi Password Incorrect After iOS 8 Update, fix

After updating Apple devices (iPhone & iPad) to iOS 8, they no longer connects to home & office WiFi.
Fix 1:-

  1. Turn off both router & iPad/iPhone for few minutes.
  2. First turn on router.
  3. Then turn on iPad/iPhone.
  4. Go to WiFi and enter password. It should connect.

Fix 2 :-  For Xfinity /Comcast internet service users
If you are using comcast service and their modem/wired & wireless router this solution might solve your issue.
Log in to  Xfinity hotspot via  your Xfinity account info. Then try to connect your device to home WiFi.
Fix 3 :-
Check your Network router  WiFi settings. If you find your iOS device is blocked, unblock it or disable Mac address filtering.
Fix 4:-
Simply change the Wireless password on your router.
Fix 5:-
Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings.
If the rest network settings does not fix your issue then disable WiFi system service.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad. Launch settings app.
  2. Go to Privacy -> Location Services -> System Service and disable WiFi networking.. Note : This step not turn off your device wireless networking.
  3. Then try to connect your home or office WiFi network.

Other Fixes :-

  • Close all your iOS apps. Shut down iPhone. Unplug the base station. Then plug base station back in. Wait for green light then turn on your phone and join WiFi network.
  • Add your iPad or iPhone Mac address manually in your router.

If you knew any other fixes, do let us via comment.

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