Wi-Fi Grayed Out On iPhone? Here’s the Solution

I know guys we are very much facilitated by technologies, if one stops from our work you know then the whole work may get stuck. In that nowadays Wi-Fi also plays important role in our day to day work. If you find it not working then you will feel like something going wrong. But don’t worry you are the right place. Here I will suggest you the ways to get of the Wi-Fi grayed out problem. Come on guys check it out…..
Why Wi-Fi get grayed out????
Generally, it may happen due to any hardware problem in your iPhone or may be due to problem with wi-fi antenna. Be careful in running the wi-fi because, it works through the head phone jack. So, if any problem occurs it will hardly affect your iPhone Wi-Fi.
SOLUTION 1: Update your iPhone to latest iOS version
And also check whether you use the latest iOS version. It will automatically ask you for the update. So update it regularly, because update comes with bug fixes and further enhancement of the OS. So do it regularly.
SOLUTION 2: Restart iPhone or iPad
Sometimes, by luck rebooting the iPod or iPhone results in the clearance of this issue. It is also easy and quick way of trouble shooting the problem.
To restart your iPhone or iPad, hold the Power Button and Home Button together. Hold it until until you see the Apple Logo.
After the restart process check your Wi-Fi option, most probably your problem will be solved. If not then move to the next step.
SOLUTION 3: Restore iPhone
If the above step doesn’t work well for your iPhone then restore your iPhone.
At first make a backup of the previous data. Simply then plug your iPhone into iCloud or iTunes to restore it.
SOLUTION 4: Reset Network Settings
At this step you have to reset your Network Settings, sometimes due to the existing network problem the wi-fi may grayed out. So we try by resetting the Network settings.
But only thing is that you have to re-enter your passwords and change your VPN settings. To do so, execute the following.

  • Go for the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go for General option.
  • Click the Reset, which is at the top of the menu.
  • Tap on the Reset Network Settings.
  • Finally reboot your iPhone.

SOLUTION 5: Contact Apple care
If any above mentioned steps failed to help you then you can go for the only hope Apple Store or Repair shop. Because sometimes due to hardware problem, If you are under warranty
period then you are under luck. You don’t need to pay any replacement charge. If not then you have to pay the replacement charge.

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