Fixed: Whatsapp White Screen Issue on iPhone or iPad

Now the world seems within our hands, one of the main reason for this is Facebook, next to it is Whatsapp. We mostly rely on Whatsapp to shake our hands with our loved ones, isn’t it. But many users complained that their Whatsapp desktop became white and they can’t even chat with their friends after that. Even this issue occurs for some users after updating their software.
First to do

  • As always just restart your device.


  • Close the App and reopen it again.

Fix 1: Software Update

  • On your iPhone or iPad launch App Store -> Updates -> in that examine whether Whatsapp has an update.
  • If so then update the App.

Fix 2: Disable permissions
whatsapp white screen

  • Launch Settings -> Whatsapp
  • In that you can witness all the required settings will be enabled. Just disable all the permissions there.
  • Then close Whatsapp and open it again.
  • Next, you can witness the Whatsapp screen will be normal.
  • Now go to Settings -> Whatsapp -> enable all the permissions once again.

Note: At times you can disable all the permissions except notifications and mobile data. Even you can archive your chats, then you can reset your Whatsapp.
Fix 3: Disable Contacts

  • Launch Settings -> Privacy -> Contacts -> in that disconnect the Whatsapp contacts.
  • Now your Whatsapp will work.
  • Then enable the Whatsapp contacts once again after the issue gets solved.

Fix 4: Reinstall the App

  • Delete and reinstall your Whatsapp.

Note: At times you need to reinstall your app with your new number.

  • To change your number launch Settings -> Account -> Change Number and then move to your original number if you want to get some of your chats.

Fix 5: Find the Bug

  • Sometimes this issue will occur because of some long message this may be the bug.
  • Disable the permissions as in fix 1 but you can let your camera on.
  • Also, your Wifi connection should be on.
  • Then find and erase that message.

I hope the above solutions are helpful to you. If you knew any other solutions regarding this issue you can share it with us.

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