Top 10 Weight Loss Apps for iPhone & iPad

1.ipiit(Free)ipiit-app for iphone ipadipiit is an app that gives right suggestion on weight loss diet in iPhone and iPad. The app has special features like Barcode scanner, sugar and GMO features. We can select Gluten free, Lactose free, non GMO products and also compare products and ingredients calories, fat, sodium, carbs, fiber, sugar, protein and iron. We can also calculate the amount of sugar in a taken product by adding number teaspoons of sugar in it.
2. Lose It(Free)loseit app for iphone ipadLose It is a powerful weight loss app for iPhone and iPad that helps in calculating the daily calorie of food intake and maintain proper food chart and exercise. The app comes with tools to track schedule and achieve our weight loss goal with its recommended choice. It allows us to create a food list for breakfast, lunch and dinner that deals with calorie calculation for our budget.
3. Fooducate(Free)fooducate app for iphone ipadFooducate is a free app for weight loss support in iPhone and iPad that calculates food intake and exercise burning calories. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch. The app also allows network to share tips and learn calorie values of each product.
4. Diet and weight loss tracker(Free) (CurrentlyNotAvailable)diet tracker app for iphone ipadDiet and weight loss tracker is a calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad. The app has a barcode scanner too and it gives suggestion as well as calculate the calorie intake.
5. Nexercise(Free)nexercise app for iphone ipadNexercise app that support control weight loss comes free and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app motivate weight loss as a social network it shares reviews and comments from friends and family. The calories burned are recorded weekly and rewarded.
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6. Fitbit(Free)fitbit app for iphone ipadFitbit app track fitness activities and support control weight to achieve goals related to weight loss. This app has a Fitbit activity tracker, smart scales and can sync with Fitbit flex, one or Zip  tracker through wireless activity.
7. Neutrino(Free)nutrino app for iphone ipadNeutrino is an app to support  to control weight and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app act as a personal nutrition expert. We can add our diet schedule with our goal and find the report. This app suggest us diet based on taste, health and fitness. If we want to follow any special diet like vegetarian or if we want to avoid allergic food this app gives us great choice of customized diet. It has features to connect with device that is wearable. The features include complete diabetes support, unparalleled personalized technology, healthy meal suggestions, nutrient support for pregnant woman and more.
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8. My Diet coach(Free)my diet coach app for iphone ipadMy Diet Coach is a weight loss app for woman compatible with iPhone and iPad. The app helps in avoiding temptations  and help weight loss. The app has remainders to motivate, guide dietary to change eating habits to be routine. There is a tip for every kind of challenge and has a diary to add our food chart. There is a section to curb the food that is carving with time countdown that lasts for some minutes. We can have photos that motivate our goal and rewards are also suggested.
9. Running for weight loss pro(Free)running for weightloss app for iphone ipadRunning for weight loss pro is a good app that give suggestion to lose more weight in a day. The app also has audio instructions and stats to guide us. There is map which suggest run, walk, sprint around to burn calories. Audio instructions are from the coach who motivates us. It also has music collections on workout and has dozens of tips to burn up to 1000 KCAL per training. We can also have stop clock to calculate the walking time.
10. SparkPeople(Free)sparkpeople app for iphone ipadSparkPeople is a beautiful weight loss app that comes free and compatible with iPhone and iPad. Diet fitness, calorie counter, weight loss are the category that the app follows to give healthy fitness tips. The app also allows us to share through friends network.

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