Fixed: Weak Cellular Signal on iPhone X

I was excited to use my iPhone X when I get it. But frustrated, because I couldn’t even get the proper network. Most of the time I could see a weak signal. If I change the same sim on my iPhone 8 it works fine. I regret bought that iPhone X, but one of the users suggested some solutions to solve this issue. Now it works fine.
Let’s see how to recover from iPhone X weak signals.
To do first:
Apple using different modems in different places and so the performance also will differ.

  • The USA -> (model A1865) -> Fastest and provide the best signal while comparing with other models.
  • Japanese -> (model A1902)
  • Canadian -> (model A1901)

To know your model

  • Launch Settings -> About -> Model Number.
  • There you can find your iPhone X’s model.

Fix 1: Turn off LTE
You should lock your iPhone to 3G service instead of LTE protocols.
Fix 2: Disable 4G
Turn your 4G off in Mobile data options. But let the cellular data on, to access 2g and 3G
Fix 3: Deactivate Wifi assistant
wifi assist off

  • Just deactivate Wifi assistant.  
  • Launch Settings -> Cellular -> Locate -> Wi-Fi Assistant option.
  • Then just turn the Wi-Fi Assistant off.

Note: This may connect your iPhone X with any WiFi connection even if it won’t provide the fastest network.
Fix 4: Via Carrier Network

  • To fix the network problems at times you need to adjust the Carrier Network. For that
  • First, check your iPhone connected to a cellular network or Wifi connection.
  • If it’s on go to Settings -> General -> About.
  • In that search, if there is an update on the Carrier Network.
  • Also check versions of carrier settings, because whenever you are inserting a new sim card into your iPad or iPhone you need to download a new carrier in Carrier Settings.

Note: Sometimes SIM cards used more than 2 years won’t work like the new ones.
Fix 5: Remove SIM

  • Just remove your SIM then insert it again.
  • If you find any dust just blow it off.

To try

  • At times you need to deactivate the Cellular data.
  • Also, try to send your problem to O2 via My NetWork App.

If you knew any other solutions for this issue, share it with us through your comments.

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