5 Best Watermark Apps for iPhone

iPhone user are not away from watermarking they have app that help them give professional flavoring of photo document. Watermarking is a sense of ownership and is quite easy to watermark a document but we are not always with our personal system. The app that is compatible with iPhone gives us solution on our hands. Here are we with certain apps that add watermark to iPhone photo documents.
1.Impression ($2.99)Impression iPhone AppImpression is an app that cost but it has many features which make it special. It is a splendid app with features like all basic font appearance that add watermark to photos without changing the originality of photo. We can adjust opacity, size and can place the watermark in any place of the photo. It can add any text or watermark symbol.
2. PhotoMarkr (Free)PhotoMarkr iPhone AppPhotoMarkr app is a free one that is simple and create watermark on photos using iPhone, iPad touch photos and screenshots. The app is compatible with iPhone 5 though it is not designed to go with it. It is helpful for people whom like to post their work online with their ownership.
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3. iWatermark (free)iWatermark iPhone AppiWatermark is a watermark app that is user-friendly and creation of watermark with professional features is the speciality of app. The features of the app is used in many popular blogs and websites. It has many features that make it a best.
4. Marksta ($1.99)Marksta iPhone AppMarksta has a high level of professionalism since it is developed by photojournalists those who have enough experience with the use of watermark app. This simple app is considered best among its kind. It allows us to add text or photographs directly from iPhone and copyright notice to image before adding in social network like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, flickr, etc. We can add and adjust fonts, edit IPTC information, GPS geo tags on maps. The app protects our images from theft and  acknowledge our creative works. Many more advanced features are also seen for this particular app.
5. A+ signature ($1.99)A+Signature iPhone AppA+ signature is an app that helps in adding watermark to photos through iPhone. Unlike, other watermark app it has many other features in which watermark is one option. We can annotate, draw over photo and even signature can be added in photo. The app seems to be powerful among the collection that is why it doesn’t come as free.
6. PhotoMarks ($2.99)PhotoMarks iPhone AppPowerful app that is used for placing watermark in photos through iPhone is for simplifying the watermarking is PhotoMarks. We can add text, logos and also watermark to our photos and even post them in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The features include ability to change the font appearance like font, color, transparency, drop shadow effect and outline. Though the app comes for cost it is useful.

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