Fixed: Water Spilled on MacBook Pro/Air Keyboard

People think that “if water spilled on my mac, what can I do?”. Don’t worry. I will give some tips for preventing your Mac from spilling water, juice, tea and coffee.
When water spilled on your Mac

  • Shut down the computer immediately
  • Unplug the power cord (if you plug it)
  • Turn your Mac upside down.
  • Try to remove your battery.
  • Make it dry by using a cotton cloth.
  • Bring it to your nearest Apple store.
  • Don’t use it for few hours.

You can buy a new keyboard from Apple store for $129 and get a new cover.

  • Don’t shake your computer. Water will spread around the computer.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer. Because it will damage some components.
  • Don’t put it into rice. The rice dust sticks to mac components. That may not work well.

How to save your Mac before water is spilled on?

  • Don’t drink water or juice near your laptop.
  • Don’t allow anyone use your laptop.
  • Use a wireless keyboard. If you spill the water on this keyboard, don’t worry. Because Wireless keyboard is less cost than your MacBook Pro or Air.
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