How to View/Get contacts from iTunes backup without iPhone

Suddenly my iPhone is dead and still it didn’t turn On. So now I’m using another phone. The problem is I didn’t save any contacts in my sim card, it’s all on my iPhone. I don’t have any numbers to contact people. Then I remembered that once I made a backup of my iPhone to iTunes. The thing is whether can I get back my contacts without connecting my iPhone. I can seek help from the iPhone backup Extractors but I have to pay them around 25$. So, Finally, I found some solutions to solve this problem which I have quoted down.
Solution 1: Contacts are not including in backup
Contacts are saved in iClouds service or apps like Outlook or Address book on your computer. So you can take contacts without your phone.
Note: Restore old backup with iTunes on your new phone.
Solution 2: Use free iPhone Backup Extractor

  1. You can use free iPhone Backup Extractor. Address book is seen under   Library->AddressBook-> AddressBook.sqlitedb.
  2. To open SQLite DB file try to use SQLite browser.
  3. If the file didn’t open download Firefox and install AddOn named “SQLite Manager”.
  4. Open and go to AddressBook.SQLitedb.
  5. Change the file to CSV file and open Address book app on the laptop.
  6. Import from CSV.
  7. Open iTunes and click “sync contacts”.
  8. Thus the contacts are replaced.

Solution 3: How to bring all the backup contacts

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type your Apple ID and password.
  3.  Click on contacts and take all your contacts to the iCl0uds account.

Note iExplore browsers all your backups without iPhone.
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Solution 4: Extract contacts from iTunes backup
Step 1: Install iPhone Backup Extractor on your PC by clicking on the downloaded icon.
Step 2:

  1. Download iTunes Backup by connecting your phone to the computer.
  2. Select the backup to extract the contacts.
  3. The iTunes automatically downloads and saves in the default folder.

Step 3: Start the application by clicking on the iTunes backup. The Contacts is available in the Overview section.
Step 4: Choose the folder where you have to save the extracted contacts.
Step 5: Import your contacts. The iPhone Backup Extractor files produce either in VCard or CSV file.
Step 6: Connect the contacts with your iPhone.
Step 7:

  1. Import the contacts into iCloud account.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Select Action pop and click on Import VCard.

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Here given some of the ways to Backup your contacts without connecting your iPhone. If you have some other solutions leave that in the comment area.

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