How to view call history from one or few months ago on iPhone

“How to view call history from one or a few months ago on iPhone”- this may be the problem for so many iPhone users and some doesn’t know how to recover the deleted contacts from the call history. This article provides you with some solutions to fix this issue.
Note: Call history capacity only up to 100 calls or for 30 days.
Solution 1: Check the Call History details

  1. The complete call history can be seen in your bill.
  2. It can be viewed in your carrier’s online account management page.

Solution 2: Downloading other apps

  1. PhoneView app helps the call history in an individual.
  2. Connect the app and download the call history.
  3. Download iExplorer, which converts the call history into text or CSV files.

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Solution 3: Recover deleted call history without having backup

  1. Install and open PhoneRescue in your Pc.
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac or Pc with USB cable.
  3. Select Recover from iOS Device and scan your iPhone.

recover callhistory on iPhone
4. Click on Call History -> Only list deleted.
5. Select the contacts that have to be recovered and click on call logs to restore.
6. Finally, click on to iDevice to get back the recovered call logs.

  • Take a screenshot of your call history, before it scrolls up.
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  • by deleting, the recent history the old call history may come down.

These solutions enable you to solve this problem. If you have any queries please leave in the comment box.

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