How to Use Portrait Mode in FaceTime & WhatsApp Video Calls

how to enable the portrait mode

In the latest iOS 15, Apple has introduced portrait mode in WhatsApp and FaceTime calls. This feature is already famous in the Zoom app. But now iPhone users can also use this feature in WhatsApp and FaceTime. There is not only Portrait mode in iOS 15. It also has various features like Focus Mode, Live Text, 3D Text, FaceTime Share Play, Grid View, Background Sounds, Offline Siri Support, and so on. Okay, if you guys don’t know how to use this Portrait Mode, just scroll down this article.

Portrait Mode :

This Portrait Mode helps to hide messy things in the background while you are on the video call. For example, if you are attending an office meeting or a school/college online class in your home or away from home, but you feel your background is cluttered, or if there are too many people in your back, this Portrait Mode helps to blur everything except you.

Enable Portrait Mode in WhatsApp Video Call :

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then make a video call with any of your friends and family.
  • Next swipe down from the upper right of the screen, here you can see the Control center.
  • In that Control center, tap on the Effect tab.
  • Select the Portrait off to enable the Portrait mode in your WhatsApp.

Enable Portrait Mode in WhatsApp

  • Now swipe up the screen to back to the video call.

Enable Portrait Mode in FaceTime Video Call :

  • Make FaceTime Call with your friends.
  • Next, select the Preview option to expand the menu.
  • Here tap on the Portrait mode at the upper left corner of the screen.

Enable Portrait Mode in FaceTime video call

  • Now, this portrait mode is Enabled in your FaceTime call.


That’s it guys these are the easiest ways to use Portrait Mode on your iPhone and iPad while in FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. If you have any doubt or suggestions then let me know through the comments section below. And keep supporting your

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