Can i use my cell phone in Europe?

Here are the few options available about how to take your U.S phone to Europe.
1.Use the hotel’s wireless service:
First we check our accommodations offers free wireless service. The staff in the hotel tells about the wireless service. Wireless service is available means we use smartphone, tablet, PC to access the internet. Using the internet we speak with our family members through Skype or mail.  Traveller becomes happy if there is a internet facility in hotel.
2. Buy a SIM card at your destination and use in your own phone:
We can buy a prepaid SIM card in a local wireless store in an European country. In smartphone or tablet, we install that European SIM card. We can use that SIM card until it expires.
3. Ask your cell phone provider for advice:
You have no interest to buy an international SIM card means, ask the cell carrier about the international data and roaming plans.
4. Rent or buy a cell phone in Europe:
using phone europe
You kept your own phone in home. Go to European city and buy an international mobile phone at low cost. Pure adventures buy a phone at cost of $20. For emergency purpose cyclists wants mobile phones for calls. During vacation, many people share their journey happiness with his/her family members  through email or twitter etc.
Using an European SIM card:
We can easily use american phone in Europe but it is more expensive. Put an European sim card in your mobile phone and access cheaper rates.  We can freely receive personal calls in an European sim card. You planned to go to new country means, buy a new SIM card.
How to get European SIM:
To get the European SIM we do the following:
1.Make sure you’re equipped with a proper phone:
European SIM can work only in an European phone or an unlocked phone. You check your mobile phone using the carrier for unlock. Buy an unlocked mobile phone before journey. The cost of the basic unlocked mobile phone is $40. If you buy an phone in an Europe means use the term “mobile” or “handy”.
2. Shop around for a SIM card:
In Europe you can buy a SIM card in mobile phone shops, and even in some departmental electronic stores. The cost of prepaid sim card is $5-10. SIM like Lebara and Lycamobile operate in multiple European countries. Using this SIM we make cheap international calls to U.S.
3. Set up your SIM card:
If you buy a SIM card means ask the clerk  how to insert it and also check the SIM will work properly or not. Enter the SIM pin every time while turning the phone. Ask the clerk, how to check credit balance and how to send your new mobile number to your friends.
4. Top up your SIM card:
You top up your sim card at newsstands, tobacco shops and in mobile phone stores. Said to the clerk how much amount you want to credit or otherwise clerk give the voucher in that you see the instructions and tell the top up amount. We can also recharge at online.

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