Use 3rd Party Remote with your Apple TV – Control Apple TV

Apple TV has ability to learn any 3rd party remote functions. So you can use your old remote or buy new Universal remote control.

  1. First find a remote which has key for left, right, up, down, back and select.
  2. Use your iPad or iPhone remote app to navigate the General menu option and go to Remotes menu option. Apple TV general Settings
  3. Choose “Learn Remote” from the Remotes menu options. If you have your remote ready and then choose “start”. Apple TV learn remote
  4. Apple TV will popup a options box to press the appropriate remote button (holding it down) for each command until it recognised it. Apple TV remote option
  5. After it learn the buttons for each of the six commands, it will all you to name the remote.
  6. Now you have a remote which is working with Apple TV.

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If you have any issues using third party remote control with Apple TV, inform us via comment.

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