Fixed: iPhone won't play music in Car USB after iOS update

One of the users reported that after the upgrade of iOS this problem occurs. The problem is that unable to play any online music or audio files via USB in the car.
Learn how to resolve the iOS issue.
Solution 1: Use Start and Home button
My issue is solved after the few steps:

  1. Plug iPhone into USB car.
  2. The car will identify it.
  3. Press Start and home buttons for few seconds waiting for iPhone to turn off.
  4. Start iPhone again.

This will solve your problem.
Solution 2:  Start and stop the Music
Manually start/stop the Music from the iPhone itself, it works. The things you keep in your mind is to pause or stop the music from the phone, otherwise, it keeps playing when the phone is disconnected from the USB.
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Solution 3: Turn on the Music
usb into vehicle
Start Music on your phone first, then plug the USB into the vehicle.
Solution 4: Open 3rd party app

  1. Open iTunes app (via iPhone) and download a song.
  2. Start/Play song from the Apple Music app.
  3. Connect the iPhone to the car using car USB or connect it via Bluetooth.
  4. Play a downloaded song into your vehicle.
  5. Open Spotify or other 3rd party apps, press play.  This app should override current music playing.

Solution 5: Reboot iPhone
Go to the Settings menu on iPhone. Choose music. Turn off “Show all music”. Rebooted iPhone. Plugged iPhone into USB on a car.
It works.
Solution 6: Use Hands-free system
Use a hands-free system to make a call with no music. Factory reset on the car audio system also fixes this issue.
If you knew nay other solution to fix “USB music not playing in the car after iOS update”, Inform us using the comment form.

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