Mac OS: USB-C MultiPort Adapter Update Keeps Installing

While using my Apple MacBook I got a problem with the USB- C Multiport Adapter Update that keeps prompting on the screen. This issue repeats often on my device. I tried to install the update and then restarted my Mac. After that, I thought the update has installed successfully.

But, every time when I use Mac, the prompt of update keeps appearing on the screen. That was really frustrating for me. I have shared this problem with my friend Amy and she gave me a solution. So I thought of sharing with you all people.

Solution 1: Disconnect all the cables 

Step 1: First, remove all the cables connected to your Mac except the power adapter into the regular USB-C port.

Step 2: After that Reboot your Mac.

Step 3: Insert the new Multiport adapter into the new USB C port.

Step 4: Remove the charging cable from the MacBook and insert it into the Multiport adapter.

Step 5: Check for installation for an update after that it will ask you to reboot the mac.

Step 6: Before that, it took only 30 seconds but now it will take 3-4 mins for changes.

Step 7: But after that procedure, you will not face any problem regarding that update.

Solution 2: Avoid logging twice on your Mac

When you log in twice, there are lots of chances are present when you start the installation process. So what you have to do is,

  • When the prompt appears for the installation process. Just start the installation process.
  • After that Restart your Mac, But don’t repeat the login process.
  • If the login process went to time-out, let it happen.
  • Wait for some time, let the system turn off on its own.
  • Once after that process, Reboot your Mac.
  • And now log in.

Solution 3: Check for Updates

Guys, check for the updates on your Mac. Because, if you don’t update to the latest software update there are plenty of chances to create new problems like this. Make sure to keep the system up to date.

  1. Keep your System up to date
  2. . Once you have updated, Reboot your Mac
  3. Plugin with the USB- C Multiport Adapter
  4. Install the updates when it is suggested with the prompt
  5.   After you have completed all the steps, Reboot your Mac. That’s it.

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Solution 4: Log in to File Vault

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Wait for 10-15 minutes
  3. Log in to FileVault, Your device will be turned off
  4. Then after this, Reboot your device. That’s it.

Final verdict:

Guys, these solutions appear to be simple but they will surely solve the problem. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and keep supporting

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