Mac OS: USB-C MultiPort Adapter Update Keeps Installing

While using my Apple MacBook I got a problem of USB- C Multiport Adapter Update keeps prompting on the screen. This issue repeats often on my device. I choose to install the update and then restart my Mac. I thought the update has installed successfully. But, every time when I use Mac, the problem of update keeps appearing on the screen. I have shared this problem with my friend Amy and she gave me a solution to this issue. I would like to share those solutions with you…
Fix 1: Disconnect/connect the Power Cable

  1. Either you disconnect or connect the power cable directly to the Mac
  2. Reboot your device when the power connected
  3. Add the USB- C Multiport Adapter with no other connections to it
  4. Install the software and follow instructions
  5. Reboot your Mac

Fix 2: Avoid logging twice your Mac

  1. Install the update as like it prompts
  2. Restart your Mac, but don’t repeat to log in
  3. Let the login time-out and system itself may turn off
  4. Reboot your Mac
  5. Log in

Fix 3: Check for Updates

  1. Download the OSX update from the Apple website manually and install it
  2. Reboot your Mac
  3. Plug in with the USB- C Multiport Adapter
  4. Install the update which is suggested
  5. Reboot your Mac

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Fix 4: Log in File Vault

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Wait for 10-15 minutes
  3. Log in to FileVault, Your device will be turned off
  4. Reboot your device

Try these solutions and it will help you to fix this issue. If you find this article as useful, then share it with others So that they may fix it. if you know any other methods then you can share with me through your comments.

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