How to Update iOS 12 with Cellular Data/Mobile Data

Apple has done many updates for their Operating System. The Latest version of the Operating System is iOS 12. Many users are very much interested to update their iPhone to Latest version through their Cellular Data / Mobile Data. But, it is not at all easy to update the OS via Cellular Data. Here, I gonna show you some steps to update your iOS through Cellular data.
Before trying the below methods, please do check whether your network connection is good and speed enough to update iOS 12.
Method 1: Update iOS 12 through Mobile data

  1. Go to Settings -> Mobile/Cellular Data.
  2. Turn on “Mobile Data”.
  3. Scroll down to find “Wi-Fi Assist” and enable it.
  4. Go back to Settings -> General.
  5. Tap on “Software Update” to checking for an update.
  6. Click on “Download and Install”.
  7. Enter your Passcode.
  8. After entering your Passcode, one dialog box will appear to “Download over mobile”.
  9. Click “Continue”.

Method 2: Update iOS 12 through Personal Hotspot

  1. Go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot.
  2. After that connect your iPhone with your Laptop/System.
  3. Then open iTunes on your System/Laptop.
  4. Tap on Summary, then Click Check for update.
  5. Click on “Download and Update”.
  6. Enter your Passcode to continue your update.


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